SECURITY ALERT 07/29/2013- Security Update- Burglaries Continue


Members of the Bates Community,


I write to you this morning with an update on the ongoing burglaries in the area of the Bates campus. A recent article published in the Lewiston Sun Journal and reports on local news channels indicated that the Lewiston Police Department and Bates Security are continuing to work hard on new leads and information as it comes into our offices daily. This collaboration led to the apprehension of one male that the Lewiston Police Department believed to be involved; unfortunately, I report that the burglaries continue on and around campus. As recent as last night, a college building was broken into for a second time.


Bates Security, with the assistance of the Bates ILS Team and Lewiston Police Department, were able to recover some of the stolen computers from the recent burglaries; we continue to track others that are still missing. Last evening one of the recovered machines was taken again from a college building by a group of males. A neighbor walking his dog alerted Security that he had just observed a group of young black males enter a college building. On-duty officers quickly made their way to the building as the group began to flee the area through the back door and wooded area. A Bates officer was able to pursue two of the males to the Central Avenue area where they were able to jump multiple fences and get away with the stolen property. Lewiston Police also assisted in the investigation.


The group is described as dark-skinned or black and, based on evidence and recent incident reports, they are believed to be Somali. The specific incident last evening included five males, described as between the ages of 16 to 22 years of age, at the time wearing basketball-style jerseys with t-shirts underneath and gym shorts. All appeared to be 5’10-6’ tall with slim, athletic builds.


In addition to the reported burglaries, we continue to receive reports of a group of males, described as darker skinned or black, knocking on doors and/or ringing the doorbell. This group has been also identified as youths or young adults, between 15 to 20 years of age, with slim builds. They are often riding bicycles. Many incidents in the Bates campus area have been reported of this type of activity happening. On several occasions residents were home, although no cars were visible in the driveway. Residents have reported that these groups are attempting any door to gain entry and are doing so during night and daytime hours. When and if contact is made by the resident, a made-up story about directions, needing water or looking for a resident is given and the group then flees the area quickly often on bicycles. This tactic is being used frequently in the areas adjacent to campus with several residents reporting it happening several times a day to their house while they are home.


Bates Security reminds you to keep all doors and windows locked at all times. It is also important to change your daily routine a bit each day so that a pattern is not observed of your daily activity while home and/or away. It is strongly encouraged that you never let anyone you do not know inside your house for any reason. You know your neighborhood and surroundings best.


Always contact Bates Security at 207-786-6254 or the Lewiston Police Department (9-1-1) immediately with any suspicious activity.