Bobcat Express (Spring 2020) COVID-19

Bobcat Express will continue to serve the students who are remaining on campus during the period of social restrictions which are being brought about with respect to the local, state, and national response to the COVID-19 Global Pandemic. The limited hours of anticipated service will be:

Monday – Friday (10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.)

No regular Bobcat Express transportation services will be operating on evenings or weekends (so plan ahead to make use of the service during the weekday time period).

*These hours are subject to change should circumstances develop which would require modification. Any changes will be posted above.

The van (CSA2) is to be exclusively used by Bobcat Express, and will not be made available for any other uses during this (as yet to be fully determined) time frame. In order to maintain a practice of social distancing, no more that (4) passengers will be transported at a time, and no rider will be permitted to sit in the front passenger seat adjacent to the driver.

There are no student dispatchers, and no one to answer the usual Bobcat Express calling line. Communications of dispatching will be made through the Security Dispatcher (786-6254). Please be respectful of the fact that the Dispatcher performs a number of other duties, and there could be delays or denials of ride requests.

Bobcat Express is still available to assist with travel needs for those who are planning on leaving campus to go back home or elsewhere. An email should be sent to to make that request in conjunction with the other arrangements being worked out through Res-Life staff. A calendar appointment will be made with an invitation for confirmation that the request has been received and set up with response.

*Any changes made of service and practices will be posted above.