College Owned Fleet Vehicles

Bates College has three vans that can be reserved through the Student Activities Office that are available for direct support of the College’s co-curricular and formally organized extracurricular programs. These vans can accommodate between seven (7) and ten (10) people. All operators 25 years old and under who wish to operate a college owned vehicle must take the Driving Training Class and file the appropriate paperwork with the Department of Security and Campus Safety before being allowed to drive.

Availability and Use of College Vehicles

The Department of Student Activities and The Department of Security and Campus Safety are responsible for the administration of the College’s fleet of one of 7 passenger mini van, and two 10-passenger vans, all of which are available for rental by student organizations. Vehicle maintenance and safety inspections are the responsibility of Facilities Services in conjunction with the Department of Security and Campus Safety.

 Due to the limited number of fleet vehicles, the College is unable to accommodate every request. Fleet vehicles are available for use by student organizations in order to facilitate College academic, business and student life needs. Official College business includes community service transportation, academic class trips / projects / needs, administrative trips, authorized student groups and clubs and intercollegiate athletics.