Local Transportation

Zip Cars

We also offer all members of the community the opportunity to sign up for ZipCar, a car sharing service with locations throughout the world, with two cars on campus.

Membership with ZipCar is open to anyone 18 or older, and membership allows you to sign out the car for $8.50 per hour or $69. per day – gas and insurance included.

Lyft & Uber

LYFT and UBER operate cars in the Portland and Lewiston-Auburn areas. They will connect you with a reliable ride in minutes.

City Link

The Lewiston-Auburn Transit Committee (LATC) is a public bus system, citylink serves the Lewiston-Auburn area.

Larry Stewarts U-Save

Bates College utilizes 10 passenger vans for its larger trips, athletics and other departments. These vehicles are typically rented from Larry Stewart’s U-Save, located on Lisbon Road in Lisbon. As the College owned vehicles, all operators under 25 years old  who wish to operate these vehicle must take the Driver Training Program and file the appropriate paperwork with the Department of Security and Campus Safety before allowed to drive.

Rates for rental vehicles depend on the rental company. Individual departments and organizations wishing to rent vehicle will be billed from the rental company. All questions regarding charges must be directed to the rental company.

To contact U-SAVE please call (207) 353 – 4133