Bike Patrol

In the spring of 1995, Officer Christine Cuevas was assigned to organize a Security Bike Patrol for Bates.

In June of 1995, after extensive research and painstaking coordination on the part of Officer Cuevas the Bates College Security Bike Patrol became a reality!
The Bike Patrol has been a complete success and all of our Officers have become active paticipants.
We have cut our response time down, increased our exposure to the student body, which helps public relations on campus and boosts the image of our department.
We have seen the use of the security vehicle cut in half decreasing maintenance  and operating costs.
The Department of Security and Campus Safety has six security bikes complete with safety equipment.
Bicycle patrol training is a mandatory requirement for the Bike Patrol. The Department has three I.P.M.B.
A trained officers that provide a rigorous bike patrol training for the rest of the offices. All of our officers participate and are required to complete the training.