Parking Regulations


It is the responsibility of each student, faculty/staff member and visitor to be familiar with the locations on campus where parking is permitted and any/all rules pertaining to parking on campus.  The campus map designates where students, faculty/staff and visitors may park.

Bates assumes no responsibility or liability for fire, theft, damage to or loss of any vehicle or any article left therein.

It is the responsibility of any operator/owner of a vehicle which receives a ticket to respond to that ticket; to properly identify themselves in communication regarding that ticket.


Parking enforcement is the responsibility of Bates College Security and Campus Safety. Parking regulations and enforcement are in effect 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Security officers may require identification of any person(s) on campus. Refusal to comply may result in the issuance of a citation, a towed vehicle and/or notification of the Lewiston Police Department.

A ticket being issued to a vehicle constitutes a communication that there has been some problem issue observed pertaining to the parking of that vehicle. Vehicle owners, if known, may also be contacted regarding any situation of concern which might develop relating to a vehicle to warrant such engagement.

Parking signs

Parking signs have been kept to a minimum to preserve the beauty of our campus. Consequently, signs primarily designate where you are allowed to park, rather than where you may not park.


All vehicles parked on campus that are owned or used by any student, faculty/staff or overnight visitor must have a valid parking permit. Parking permits may be obtained through the office of Security and Campus Safety.*The College does not guarantee parking will be available. A permit is merely permission to park legally in one of the college lots.*

  • Student permit:Any student desiring a permit to park a vehicle on campus may register a request for a permit. Registration for a permit is accomplished through an internet link portal made available on Garnet Gateway. Student Parking Permits cost $120.00 per academic year and are billed directly to student accounts. *IMPORTANT: The online link may not be set up accessible to some mobile devices and Apple laptops. To ensure success with registering, it is recommended that a PC be used. The PCs made available on campus at labs, library, and Milt’s Lounge in Commons can be used for this. Don’t forget to logout after use.* Permit requests will be processed and assignment made to the vehicle, with the permit being delivered to the student via the intra-campus mailbox system. Issued permits must be affixed to the appropriate vehicles, and the envelopes will have instructions.
  • Temporary permit: Temporary permits will only be issued to those who already have a parking permit. The student should go to Security and Campus Safety to request a temporary permit. It will be verified that the student has a parking permit and a temporary permit will be issued. Temporary permits must be displayed via the rear view mirror facing out toward the windshield of the vehicle.
  • Medical permit: Medical permits are available for those students having a vehicle on campus, and due to an illness, injury or other medical reason have a mobility issue which significantly limits their walking distance. Requests must be made through Health Services. Medical permits are temporary and are valid only for the duration of the medical issue.
  • Faculty/staff permit:  All faculty/staff may obtain a no-cost parking permit from Security and Campus Safety. The permit allows parking in any designated faculty/staff lot or space.
  • Overnight visitor permit: It is expected that visitors obtain a permit to park their vehicle on campus overnight. Visitors may obtain a no-cost parking permit that will allow them to park in any designated visitor lot or space (the Olin Lot, accessed off North Bardwell St, is the preferred area for OVERNIGHT visitor vehicles to park). Permits can be picked up at Security and Campus Safety. A visitor is defined as any person not employed with or enrolled at Bates College, who occasionally has business or another reason to be on campus. Students living off campus are NOT considered visitors and are required to have a parking permit.

Permit placement

The parking permit decal must be applied to the most rear driver’s side window. If you have questions about placement of a parking permit or evidence of an illegally attached permit, call Security and Campus Safety at 786-6254.

Visitor permits are to be displayed on the rear view mirror facing out toward the windshield.

Lost, stolen or damaged permits

If a vehicle is sold or involved in an accident that renders it inoperable, the old permit must be removed and returned to the office of Security and Campus Safety; a replacement permit will then be issued without additional cost. Lost or stolen permits must be reported to security immediately.  Failure to do so may result in the owner’s vehicle being towed from campus, a fine and/or a referral to the Student Conduct Committee.

Altered permits

Altering a parking decal is a violation of the college’s parking policy. This may result in the vehicle being towed and the owner being fined and/or referred to the Student Conduct Committee. Altered permits will be confiscated and the vehicle’s owner will lose their parking privileges for the remainder of the academic year.

Vehicle registration/permitting process

If you bring a vehicle to park on Bates campus, you are required to register it with Security. Registering a vehicle for a parking permit is the process of this requirement. Vehicles must be able to show a valid registration and up-to-date insurance (upon request) in order to be on campus.

  • For students:All vehicles must be registered with Security and Campus Safety. A campus-wide communication will be made within the first couple of weeks to notify of the date when ticket enforcement will commence for vehicles not displaying a permit. An administration fee is charged, but this does not necessarily guarantee or purchase a parking space; although the college does work to accommodate the registered parking needs. The parking permit enables the student vehicle to park on campus in designated “STUDENT” parking spaces, according to availability of those spaces; it also facilitates the ability for Security to be able to make contact should any situation or emergency arise concerning the vehicle warrant a prompt notification. No student vehicle may park on campus after the registration deadline without a permit; the exception being those engaged in process and waiting for the issuance of a permit may park in student designated areas.
  • For faculty/staff:All faculty and staff must register their vehicles if they intend to park on campus at any time. Faculty and staff vehicles must be registered with Security and Campus Safety by the end of the first week of employment. There is no fee for a faculty/staff permit.
  • For visitors:Any visitor needing to park overnight on campus must register their vehicle with the Security Office, at which point they will be issued a no-cost temporary permit. Visitors must comply with all parking regulations. Bates community members are responsible for ensuring their guests are familiar with the college’s parking regulations. A visitor is any person not employed with or enrolled at the college who has occasional business or another reason to be on campus. Students living off campus are NOT visitors to the College and are required to have a parking permit.

Prohibited parking areas

  • Parking is always prohibited in driveways, walkways, building exits, fire lanes, on grass or any place that would inhibit access of emergency vehicles. In such cases, the vehicle will be towed with or without notice and stored at the owner’s expense.
  • There is no overnight parking on North Bardwell Street from midnight to 6 a.m.*This is essential Faculty/Staff parking.* A $100 fine is incurred for overnight parking here.
  • Vehicles that are not parked in appropriately designated spaces or in the properly designated location (i.e. faculty/staff parking, student parking, etc.) may receive a parking ticket and/or may be towed without warning or notice.

Loading and unloading vehicles

Vehicles may be parked temporarily in driveways for up to 15 minutes for loading or unloading; this is provided that the emergency flashers are activated, AND the driver is readily available to move the vehicle. Vehicles parked for more than 15 minutes may be ticketed and/or towed without warning or notice.

Evening and weekend parking

  • Parking in faculty/staff parking areas is open to students with permits between 5 p.m. and 7 a.m. during weekdays and between 5 p.m. Friday to 7 a.m. Monday over weekends. The City of Lewiston has imposed overnight parking restrictions on most streets surrounding the campus. Shared use of the faculty/staff designated spaces provide available overnight parking accommodation for permitted student vehicles which need to be moved off the public street. Vehicles which are not parked in student designated spaces will be required to either move back out to park on the street, or be moved to an available student parking space, and allow for the other designated use of those spaces.
  • Parking is prohibited on North Bardwell Street between the hours of Midnight and 6:00 a.m. This includes weekends. Olin Lot is 24hr Visitor Parking including evenings and weekends. No student vehicles may park in Olin Lot.

Parking during vacations

Students who wish to leave their vehicle on campus over any break must contact Security to make appropriate arrangements. Students who are on campus during break may park the designated spaces on campus. Vehicles left in any other lots on campus after these times may be ticketed and/or towed without warning or notice.

Conducting repairs on vehicles

Minor maintenance (such as replacing a tire or battery, or other wear and tear components designed for easy swap out replacement) are allowed to occur. Vehicles shall not be raised suspended on jacks or stands for the purpose of working underneath the vehicle, and no vehicle shall be left jacked up unattended. This provision is subject to review by campus mechanical staff and the OSHA Safety Officer.

Snow removal and maintenance needs

Any person using campus parking is expected to move their vehicle promptly during periods of snow removal or required maintenance. Notices will be placed in all dorms, posted in the Bates Today and sent out via e-mail. These notices will state the date and time of snow removal or required maintenance. Any vehicle impeding these activities may be towed without warning or notice.

Declared snow emergency parking ban on City streets

Upon the receipt by Security of a City declared parking ban, a notice will be sent out campus-wide via email to all faculty, staff, and students to inform them of the details. The City makes public parking garages available for use during a snow emergency declaration. Students are strongly urged to consider this should there be no available designated spaces on campus. Even the potential cost incurred for extending a further day of parking in the municipal garages or lots is less than what a parking fine will cost, and can assist the college facilities crews conducting campus plowing and clean up. Vehicles not having a permit which park on campus in such declared snow emergency parking ban will be strictly enforced, and may be towed at the owner’s expense. Temporary parking permits will NOT be issued to student vehicles during such periods of time, and visitor permit requests may be denied.

Parking related notices

General parking announcements will be sent via e-mail. Parking announcements will be titled either “Parking Notice” or “Urgent Parking Notice.” All persons with parking permits are responsible for being knowledgeable of all information sent out in these parking e-mails and for complying with any directives they contain.


Specific violations are as follows:

01 No Permit / Expired Permit $40.00
02 Parked in or Blocking Fire Lane / Driveway

(All driveways are designated as fire lanes)

03 Not in a Parking Space $30.00
04 Restricted Area $30.00
05 Parked or Driven on Grass or Walkway $30.00
06 Improper Placement of Issued Permit

(Permit must be apparent affixed on the rearmost driver side window)

07 Other: (Specify cited violation in notes) $30.00
08 Student Parking Only $30.00
09 Faculty/Staff Parking Only $30.00
10 Visitor parking only $30.00
11 Handicap Parking Only $100.00
12 Parked Overnight Where Prohibited

(Overnight parking prohibited on N. Bardwell St.)

13 Vehicle Banned / Habitual Violator

(Unregistered vehicles of unknown ownership accumulating 5 or more unanswered parking tickets are subject to be towed from campus. Registered vehicles accumulating 15 or more ticketed violations, other than pertaining to registration alone, are reported for STUDENT CONDUCT review. Such vehicles may also be banned from campus for the remainder of the academic year pending decision made by student affairs.)

14 Warning No fine


Revocation of parking privileges

  • Students:Parking fines will be applied directly to student accounts. Students who receive excessive parking tickets will be reported for STUDENT CONDUCT review, and may lose their parking privileges and may have their vehicle towed if is found parked on campus. Students are responsible for payment of any towing or storage fees incurred as a result. If your vehicle has been towed, Security and Campus Safety will advise which towing company has the vehicle.  It is the student’s responsibility to retrieve their vehicle from the towing company. It should be noted that, generally, local towing companies only accept cash.
  • Faculty and staff:Faculty/Staff are not exempt from Bates College parking rules and are responsible for all parking regulations.  Parking fines will be automatically deducted from the employee’s next paycheck following the seven day appeal period. If your vehicle has been towed, Security and Campus Safety will advise which towing company has the vehicle.  It is the faculty/staff member’s responsibility to retrieve their vehicle from the towing company. It should be noted that, generally, local towing companies only accept cash.
  • Visitors:Visitors are expected to pay their parking tickets within 14 calendar days.  Fines that are 30 days overdue will result in the suspension of parking privileges. Parking privileges will be reinstated upon payment of all outstanding fines. Visitors are responsible for payment of any towing/storage fees. If your vehicle has been towed, Security and Campus Safety will advise which towing company has the vehicle. It is the visitor’s responsibility to retrieve their vehicle from the towing company. It should be noted that, generally, local towing companies only accept cash. Visitor parking is marked on the campus map.

Parking appeals

Individuals may appeal a parking ticket by submitting an appeal form to Security and Campus Safety. Appeal forms must be submitted in writing within 7 calendar days of the violation along with a copy of the contested ticket. Appeals received after 7 calendar days will not be heard. Appeals forms shall be sent to the Parking Coordinator for a prompt review to be made concerning the requested action. Appeals forms will be reviewed upon receipt. A decision will be made by the Parking Coordinator regarding the merit of the appealed circumstances and the determined course of action, and that decision shall be reviewed by the Director of Security, or designee, and documented in a written communication sent to the individual. The reviewed decision will be considered final.

Click here for Parking Ticket Appeals Form.

For additional information or questions, please contact Security at 786-6254.

Parking 10 Passenger Vans or Larger Vehicles on Campus

Students, faculty, staff, teams, classes, clubs, etc. using 10 passenger vans or larger vehicles on campus must park these vehicles in the Merrill Lot on Russell St. in the designated spaces at ALL times regardless of why these vehicles are on campus.  No exceptions.  This is for safety reasons and will be strictly enforced.  Parking fines shall be paid by the operator at the time of violation.