Bates Tailgating Policy

Bates Athletics Tailgating Policy

The following Tailgating Policy outlines the established guidelines put forth by Bates College to manage on-campus tailgating activities for Bates Football events and ensure a safe and enjoyable environment. The policy applies to all patrons and guests on the Bates College campus.


Tailgating will be restricted to the designated tailgating zones on the Bates College campus for athletic events only. Anyone seen tailgating outside of the designated zones will be asked to move to the designated tailgating zones or cease their activities.

The designated tailgating zones are as follows:

  • For Bates College Community: Grass lot adjacent to Garcelon Field along Central Ave.
  • For Visiting Teams & Guests: Merrill Parking Lot adjacent to Underhill Arena and the Russell St. Field.

Prohibited parking areas

  • Parking is always prohibited in driveways, walkways, building exits, fire lanes, on grass (other than Bates Community grass lot) or any place that would inhibit access of emergency vehicles. In such cases, the vehicle will be towed with or without notice and stored at the owner’s expense.
  • Vehicles that are not parked in appropriately designated spaces or in the properly designated location.) may receive a parking ticket and/or may be towed without warning or notice.

General Guidelines:

  • All Bates College policies are enforced throughout the campus including the tailgating zones. Bates College Security, designated law enforcement, or event management personnel has the authority to remove any individual or group who does not abide by these policies.
  • Individuals participating in tailgating activities are expected to conduct themselves in a manner respectful of the nature and character of the College. Everyone is expected to maintain good sportsmanship and follow the directives of event management staff and Bates Security. Patrons must refrain from the use of loud and/or offensive language, disorderly behavior, and overly amplified sound.
  • Tailgating activities may begin three (3) hours prior to the beginning of the game. Vehicles parked in the tailgate areas prior to opening will be towed. No tailgating permitted at the start of the fourth quarter with the exception of approved post-game team gathering.
  • Tailgating activities may continue for up to ninety (90) minutes following the conclusion of the game.
  • Guests who wish to tailgate must have a vehicle to be allotted a parking space. Each vehicle will be permitted one parking space in the tailgating lot on a first-come first-serve basis. The space may be extended a reasonable distance while still allowing for an accessible traffic lane at all times. Saving spaces for future arriving guests is not permitted.
  • Propane (gas) grills are permitted inside the designated tailgating zones only. Charcoal grills are prohibited.
  • The preparation and consumption of food is limited to personal use. No food may be sold at tailgating activities.
  • Alcohol consumption is permitted inside the designated tailgating zones only. Only individuals who are 21 years of age or older may possess, consume, transport, or store alcoholic beverages. These individuals must be prepared to show valid identification at all times.
  • All alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages must be in cans or plastic cups or containers. Glass bottles, kegs, party balls, multi-quart containers, or liquor and spirits are prohibited.
  • All drinking paraphernalia and drinking “games” of any sort are prohibited.
  • Tailgaters are responsible for the disposal of trash and debris in appropriate trash receptacles following the conclusion of each tailgate. Tailgaters are expected to maintain a clean and sanitary space.
  • Bates College is not liable for accidents, damage, loss or theft of materials, items, or personal property.