Security Working Group

Beginning in May 2017, Bates began a series of measures aimed at strengthening the Department of Security and Campus Safety. Two work groups were formed with the goal of examining and improving how Security  frames and carries out its interactions with students. One work group is focusing on a comprehensive examination of all policies and procedures within the department. The other work group is developing an outreach program designed to foster and build stronger relationships with students and a training program for both new and continuing staff. These actions will be designed not only to improve Security’s sensitivity with students of color, but also to foster better relationships between Security and all students in a broad range of situations.


Policy Work Group:

Abigail Nelson (Accessible Education, Group Coordinator), David Chick (Security), John Heutz (Security), Paul Menice (Security), Rakiya Mohamed (Student), Roy Montgomery (OIE), John Moyer (Security), Jessica Perez (SA/OIE), Blake Reilly (Residence Life), Walter Washington (Student), Kaitlyn Zeininger (Security)

Outreach/Training Work Group:

Paul Menice (Security, Group Coordinator), Carl Steidel (SA, Group Coordinator), Anna Kreitzer (Student), Rakiya Mohamed (Student), Lexie Mucci (OIE), Chris Petrella (OED), Mike Rocque (Sociology), Dennis Skinner (Security), Walter Washington (Student)


As updates on the progress of the work groups are available, they will be archived below and sent to the community.

Strengthening the Department of Security and Campus Safety: An Update on Summer Progress and Planning

Dear Students, Over the course of the summer, a working group met...

By Carl Steidel & Paul Menice on August 21, 2017


Feedback or suggestions regarding this group’s ongoing work or on any aspect of the work of Security & Campus Safety may be provided using the Security Feedback & Suggestion button to the right.