Non-Retaliation Policy

Bates prohibits retaliation against any individual who has raised claims of illegal discrimination or harassment, including allegations of sexual misconduct or harassment, or has cooperated with an investigation or resolution of a report. An individual reporting harassment or discrimination is entitled to protection from any form of retaliation following a report that is made in good faith, even if the underlying allegations are later not proven to be a violation of college policy.  The college recognizes that retaliation can take many forms, may be committed by or against an individual or a group, and that a Reporting Party, Responding Party, or third party may commit or be the subject of retaliation.

The college will take immediate and responsive action to any report of retaliation and will pursue disciplinary proceedings as appropriate.  Disciplinary action for violations of the Non-Retaliation Policy may include dismissal from the college or termination of employment.

Any form of retaliation should be reported to Gwen Lexow, Director of Title IX and Civil Rights Compliance.