Summary of Resolution Options

Bates is committed to resolving all reports of sexual misconduct and harassment promptly, fairly, and thoroughly. Investigations are conducted by impartial investigators. These investigators receive annual training on issues related to sexual misconduct and on how to conduct reliable investigations that protect the privacy and well-being of all involved.

Under most circumstances, the reporting party maintains control of decision-making in choosing how to proceed. Resolution options following a report include no action (remedies-based with no notification to responding party), informal resolution (remedies-based, non-disciplinary action), and formal resolution (sanctions-based, disciplinary action). The college will balance an individual’s expressed preferences with its obligation to provide for campus safety.

For more information on resolution options and the procedures for formally resolving reports, please see the full Sexual Misconduct and Harassment Policy.  Additionally, the Title IX Team and the SAVA are available to offer support and answer questions about the resolution process.