The Sexual Assault Victim Advocate (SAVA)

Who She Is

Bekah Snyder

207-753-6996 |  Lane Hall 104

Available:  Regular business hours and by appointment

“I have seen the impact sexual violence has on young adults and hope to be a supportive resource for students to process their feelings, thoughts, and emotions surrounding any type of sexual violence including (but not limited to) sexual assault, relationship violence, and stalking. I can help students locate resources available, discuss options for reporting, or identify medical support. I have heard too many stories of people disclosing to their friends or family and being doubted or silenced. I hope to be someone who students can confide in and always be believed, to never feel alone.”

Rebekah Snyder graduated from Albion College located in Albion, Michigan in 2014 before pursuing her Master’s Degree in Forensic Psychology at Roger Williams University. During her time at Roger Williams University Rebekah worked for Day One, Rhode Island’s sexual assault advocacy center. There she was recognized for her work with sexual assault and domestic violence survivors, providing support, information, and resources in one-on-one settings within hospitals and colleges. Rebekah now serves as the confidential student advocate at Bates in hopes of reducing feelings of isolation with students on campus.

How She Can Help

Bekah can help you by:

  • Listening to  and supporting you;
  • Connecting you with other resources, both on campus and off campus;
  • Helping you file a report with the college or with local law enforcement;
  • Explaining your rights and options under the Bates Sexual Misconduct and Harassment Policy;
  • Providing information of self-care; and
  • Assisting you in navigating the medical and legal systems.