Course Planning Suggestions for Majors

If you are considering the major, you are encouraged to begin your coursework with any 100-level course or a 200-level course that has no pre-requisites, or with a short-term unit within the Department of Sociology. As soon as possible, students seriously considering the major should take Soc. 204, Theoretical Foundations, as this course is a pre-requisite or co-requisite for Soc. 205, Research Methods for Sociology. Both Soc. 204 and Soc. 205 are pre-requisites for the required Junior-Senior Research Seminars (Soc. 395). An ideal sequence of courses would include one or two 100 or 200-level electives, followed by Soc. 204, and then Soc. 205. Soc. 204 and 205 can be taken as early as the first year, and should be completed by the end of the sophomore year. Unless a student studies abroad for the entire junior year, they should try to take at least one Junior-Senior Research Seminar (Soc. 395) during the junior year, as one of these seminars is a pre-requisite for Senior Thesis (Soc. 457 or 458).  Soc. 405, Senior Capstone for Sociology, should be taken in the fall of senior year.

The Department Chair or any other department faculty member will be happy to discuss the options and help you figure out how to complete the major while also meeting your other educational goals. The Department Chair also maintains a two to three year teaching plan for all Department faculty, and therefore can offer advice about what particular courses are likely to be taught in what semesters.

How to Declare the Major

You can declare the major using the online process available through Garnet Gateway. If you know a faculty member in the Department whom you would like to have as your major advisor, you can ask that person first or just let the Department Chair know when you come in to see them. If you are not sure who you would like to have as your advisor within the Department, the Department Chair can help you select an advisor.