Major requirements for the Classes of 2015, 2016, and 2017

Major requirements for the Classes of 2015, 2016, and 2017. Spanish majors acquire a broad knowledge of the different literatures, cultural products, and cultural histories of the Spanish-speaking peoples. In consultation with the faculty in Spanish, the student elects courses in a variety of areas. The requirements for the major consist of ten courses beyond SPAN 202. They must include:

1) At least two 200-level courses beyond SPAN 208 (renumbered SPAN 205 after fall 2015).

2) At least one 300-level course.**

3) At least two seminars on the literatures or cultural histories of Spain or Latin America (400-level) taught by Bates faculty, usually taken during the senior year.

**IMPORTANT: Beginning fall semester 2014 all 400-level courses will be renumbered as 300-level. The one 300-level course requirement may be fulfilled by completing: a) an additional 200-level course, or b) a third 300-level course.

One Short Term course offered by the Spanish department may be counted toward the major.

In addition, majors must complete a senior thesis or portafolio (SPAN 457 or 458) written in Spanish. This may be a literary or cultural analysis on any topic related to the Hispanic world. Honors candidates register for SPAN 457 and 458. For more information, see Capstone.

Off-campus study. Spanish majors are encouraged to gain proficiency in the language through the experience of studying in a Spanish-speaking country. For the major a maximum of three credits is normally recognized for one semester, and five for two semesters of study in an approved program. In addition to Bates Off-Campus Study Office staff, students must also seek the guidance of their Spanish major adviser when selecting a program and designing a course of study abroad. For more information, see Off-Campus Study.

Pass/Fail Grading Option. The use of the pass/fail option is restricted to one course, but may not be elected for the 300-level.

Credit Transfer. Courses taken at other institutions in Languages other than Spanish are not given credit by the department.