Public Street Parking Ordinance Changes

Dear Off-Campus Students,

Carl Steidel

Carl Steidel

Paul Menice headshot

Paul Menice

We write to update you on an upcoming change to the public street parking regulations in the City of Lewiston. We will also post this information in Bates Today on Wednesday for all students.

Last week the Lewiston City Council approved changes to the city’s parking ordinance that will prohibit overnight parking (11:00 p.m. – 6:00 a.m.) on a number of streets near campus.

The revised ordinance will go into effect on October 5 through May 31 and includes the following streets:

  • Bardwell Street (Campus Avenue to Vale Street)
  • Campus Avenue (College Street to Central Avenue)
  • Central Avenue (Campus Avenue to Vale Street)
  • College Street (Holland Street to Russell Street)
  • Davis Street
  • Elm Street (College Street to Oak Street)
  • Franklin Street (Campus Avenue to Vale Street)
  • Oak Street (Elm Street to Frye Street)
  • Vale Street (College Street to Central Avenue)
  • White Street

Any student who wishes to obtain a student parking permit for on-campus parking lots may do so through Garnet Gateway. Once you log in, click on the Account & Access menu and then click on Request Parking Permit. If you are having any issues accessing Request Parking Permit; please visit Access Control in Chase Hall for assistance. To locate student parking lots, please see our campus map at

Should you have any questions about this ordinance or anything else, we hope you will attend the meeting tonight for off-campus students from 7-8pm in PGill G52.


Carl Steidel, Senior Associate Dean of Students
Paul Menice, Interim Director of Security and Campus Safety