All Things 80s and Helping with Our Off-Campus Situation

Dear Students,

Kim Trauceniek

Kim Trauceniek

Carl Steidel

Carl Steidel

As we approach a full weekend of events, we write to highlight some of the 80s-themed programs being offered, to address some of the ongoing issues in our surrounding neighborhoods, and to request your help in making this a fun and safe weekend for all students.

A number of programs and events are happening on campus this weekend; you can learn more about what Campus Life has to offer here. We want to take a moment to highlight those that are part of the 80s tradition.

Friday 9/15

80s Movie Screening: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
8:00 p.m., Library Quad
Featuring freshly popped popcorn and the Ronj cart. Sponsored by the Film Board and Chase Hall Programming Board (CHPB).

80s Kickback: A Tribute to the Birth of Hip Hop
10:00 p.m., Little Room
Sponsored by the OIE, featuring dance duo The Wondertwins and student performers. Snacks and light refreshments provided.

Saturday 9/16

80s Big Prize Bingo
7:30 p.m., Commons
Come win some BIG prizes at this CHPB tradition.

80s Dance
10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m., Library Arcade
Featuring a DJ, 80s cover band, photo booth, and pizza!

We hope that you enjoy these events, but we also need to enlist your help. As you know, there has been an increased law enforcement presence on the public streets near campus and in the surrounding residential neighborhoods this year. This is in response to concerns from our neighbors who have become increasingly frustrated with a number of issues related to off-campus living, including noise, trash, and public urination. We have been working actively with students living off-campus and they are taking steps to respond to these issues. They have asked us to reinforce what would be helpful for students on-campus, as we all need to do our part in being respectful members of the community.

There are three specific things we can do to be good citizens and neighbors:

  1. Have social gatherings on campus and take full advantage of the many events on campus this weekend.
  2. Avoid moving through the neighborhoods in large groups, which is often what causes the disruption, and avoid going to off-campus residences unless you have been invited. This will keep the neighborhood situation calm and lessen the risk of more serious interactions with law enforcement.
  3. Do not walk around the neighborhoods, streets, or campus with open containers of alcohol.

With respect to on-campus gatherings and events, we know that far too many students are getting hurt and risking their safety as a result of consuming hard liquor. That is why we take the hard liquor policy so seriously.

Finally, we want to speak directly to what the Office of Campus Life has to offer for social life more broadly. We have resources to support student-led programs and events, such as Wind Down WeekendsLate at Bates, and party registration. We also partner with the Chase Hall Programming Board on student-led large-scale events such as 80s, the Fall Concert, Winter Carnival, and more. This fall, Campus Life will expand the number of inclusive events at which beer and wine will be served to those over 21 years of age. We will also be working with the co-presidents of the Class of 2018 to offer unifying senior events designed to bring the class together throughout the year.

We all share the same goal: maintaining a vibrant and safe social life at Bates. And we will continue to work together toward this goal. If you have any questions before the weekend begins, we will be available to meet with you on Friday, September 15 between 3:00 and 4:00 in Pettengill G52.


Kim Trauceniek, Associate Dean of Students for Campus Life

Carl Steidel, Senior Associate Dean of Students