Abigail Alfred

Manager of Outreach and Support Services

Abby Alfred leads efforts to support students and parents in accessing health resources at Bates to help students continue to be successful when medical concerns arise. She coordinates with students, parents/guardians, coaches, faculty, student support advisors, academic advisors, and other relevant Bates staff to help meet student needs in light of health related issues. Abby is the primary point of contact for students and parents at Bates Health Services (BHS), and works closely with the staff from Central Maine Medical Center (CMMC) who provide medical services in BHS.

Abby received a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from Barnard College and Master of Social Work from Boston College. She has worked in various communities- including New York, Boston, Johannesburg, Jerusalem, and Southern Maine- to help individuals and families navigate complex health and social service systems. She has also worked with organizations and systems to build internal capacity to provide high quality services and engage effectively with service recipients.


Alfred, Abigail T.


Manager of Outreach and Support Services
Health Services
31 Campus Avenue