Conflict Resolution & Restorative Justice

Bates College is committed to helping students resolve conflicts peacefully and to develop the skills needed to successfully navigate conflict and difficult situations throughout their lives. To that end, the college has developed a number of programs designed to support students when conflicts arise. Should you wish to make use of these services, please contact Blake Reilly, Associate Dean of Students, by emailing or calling 207-786-6220.

Restorative Justice

A restorative justice process may be initiated either by the college or by an individual student when a situation occurs where one or more students have caused harm to other members of the campus or local community. A restorative justice conference seeks to bring together those who have caused harm with those who have been impacted by their actions. The goal of the conference is to allow the participating parties to explore what happened, what harm was caused, and how offending parties can begin to repair the harm. An agreement detailing the further obligations of the offending parties may result. Professor Georgia Nigro (Psychology), and the Mediation and Restorative Justice Fellows are trained in facilitating conferences.


Students experiencing interpersonal conflict may request help from the college to work through their concerns. The student residence life staff (JAs and RCs) are trained in the basics of mediation and can help roommates discuss appropriate boundaries and parameters for living with another person or persons. The Mediation and Restorative Justice Fellows are certified mediators and are available to assist in either formal mediations or informal conflict coaching.

Mediation and Restorative Justice Fellows

Fellows provide informal support services to students around campus, co-facilitate formal mediations and conferences, and provide educational programming to departments, clubs, organizations, and teams.

To meet the Fellows for the current academic year, please click here.