Mediation & Restorative Justice Fellows

Audrey Aberg, Class of 2022

Emma Block, Class of 2022

My name is Emma Block and I am from Ann Arbor, Michigan. I am a sophomore studying sociology, Spanish, and rhetoric. I am part of the Bonner Leader Program so I have spent much of my time at Bates in the Lewiston community. I help with the Volunteer Lawyers Project at the Lewiston District Court, filling out intake forms for people seeking free legal advice. I also lead Girls Group with Poland High School and oversee a mentorship program between Bates and Lewiston High School students. I am interested in Mediation and Restorative Justice because I believe it is a far more effective way of resolving conflicts than systems centered on the idea of punishment. I am especially interested in restorative justice and diversion programs as an alternative to incarceration, specifically for juveniles. I look forward to learning more about how I can use these practices to promote positive change in the Bates and Lewiston community. 

Elizabeth Brantl, Class of 2020

id (1)My name is Elizabeth Brantl and I am from Irvington, NY. I am a senior majoring in Politics and minoring in Religious Studies and Philosophy. On campus I am involved in College Guild, Big Brothers Big Sisters and Philosophy Forum. Mediation and Restorative Justice are important to me because I believe the way our college chooses to deal with conflict has the capacity to define our community. Restorative Justice practices are significantly more therapeutic than traditional forms of discipline and punishment. I look forward to continuing to implement these practices within the Bates community.



Reilly Dwight, Class of 2022

Moments of conflict are a natural, inevitable part of being human and even though it can feel daunting, I believe talking through conflict always has the potential to ease tension and rebuild connection. Last spring, over short term, I took the Restorative Justice training offered here at Bates and realized what a useful tool the structure could be for working to repair relationships.

I am originally from Northern California where, in my junior and senior years of high school, I worked in middle schools to facilitate small group conversations about “fall backs,” inclusion, reactivity and emotional awareness. I am a sophomore here at Bates and I am planning to major in Politics and minor in Spanish. I also play ultimate frisbee!

Wilder Geier, Class of 2022

Anna Hadar, Class of 2021

As a junior at Bates, I have a profound appreciation for its unique community which I have grown deep roots within. I also recognize that conflict will arise in any community, and I feel that it is essential to address any conflict with an intentional and empathetic approach. I am dedicated to further establishing Bates as a space that recognizes and respects its members’ full selves, and not simply for any individual’s mistakes or accomplishments.

Majoring in American Studies at Bates has inspired my desire for a career in criminal justice reform. When I was introduced to Restorative Justice in the practitioner course last short term, I was inspired to get involved. I spent last summer working with an organization that provides services to individuals reentering society from prison, helping to educate the staff on philosophies and programmatic methods of Restorative Justice. I’m excited to continue learning about Restorative Justice, and how it can be applied in different contexts, as I join Restorative Justice efforts at Bates and Lewiston at large.

Some things I love to do at Bates are: my weekly radio show, discovering new commons creations, and exploring the woods and trails around campus.

Imtithal Hassan, Class of 2023

Hi, my name is Imti Hassan. I’m currently a first-year at Bates, and I’m truly passionate about restorative justice. In high school, I helped create a peer mediation program. I also volunteered with and sat on the advisory council of a restorative justice organization in Portland called Maine Youth Court. I’ve been trained in facilitation because of a group called Seeds of Peace.

I am truly passionate about the things that I do. In my free time, I love to be outside, with friends, or in bed watching some movies. Feel free to approach me about anything or everything.

Ashka Jhaveri, Class of 2022

After taking the Mediation and Restorative Justice course during Short Term last year, my interest in the work that Bates and Lewiston are doing to implement such practices has grown immensely. I really enjoy the opportunity to not only learn about methods of resolving conflicts, but be given the chance to implement them into the school. I think the way we continue to improve our methods in resolving conflict, as well as establish a more restorative way of thinking in the surrounding area, reflects positively on the school. I work with the Lewiston Democratic Party as the director of the  student outreach program, am the coordinator the Environmental Action House, as well as a tour guide on campus. I am in the class of 2022 and a Politics major from Westchester, NY.

In my free time I rock climb and play ultimate frisbee!

Sanika Shah, Class of 2022