Bates Student with Diverse Skillset Seeks Diverse Campus: An Interview with Michelle Pham

I sat down with Michelle Pham, class of 2015, to learn about her time working as the Diversity Outreach Coordinator at Bates College. It’s a lot of work, but Michelle really seems to enjoy her job.

As the DOC, Michelle serves as a liaison for the campus to solicit students to participate in the recruitment of multicultural and first-generation students. She does this by coordinating housing for people who need a place to stay during Prologue and Preface programs, training student hosts, and assisting admissions staff with on-campus visitation programs.

Michelle believes that this position is integral in having racial and socio-economic diversity at Bates College. Hosting a diverse group of students and making them feel welcome on campus is an integral part of the diversity outreach program Michelle works on. Making sure that students of minority groups are comfortable at Bates is important in order to keep the community not only diverse, but safe and respectful.

Michelle appreciates her job because it teaches her how to coordinate different events, and has helped her learn how to be a more organized person. Working as the DOC means Michelle has to communicate with both admissions, the hosts, and the prospective students, keeping in mind each of their needs. The job is a juggling act, but the skills she’s learned so that she can handle it will be with her for the rest of her life.

Michelle says that the Diversity Outreach Program still have quite a few spaces to fill when it comes to recruiting students who would be willing to house prospective Bates Bobcats for the first Prologue of the year from October 7th to 9th. You can go to Garnet Gateway under the Events tab and sign up to be a host and email her if you have any questions.