Facts on Student Jobs on Campus

Need a quick overview of the on-campus job scene? Here’s some basics for you to get a grasp on what working at Bates is like.

How to Find a Job-

Many students get jobs by applying for open positions through the Available on Campus Jobs, but Batesies can find opportunities for on-campus jobs in a few other ways as well.

  • The SEO sends out emails on it’s list-serve when new positions are available for students.
  • Emails about positions (EcoReps, Peer Writing Assistants, etc.) may be sent out by the people directly involved in the job as well.
  • Professors may ask you to T.A. one of their classes if you do well enough in their class.
  • Some students directly ask Professors and Faculty if they could fill a specific position that interests them.
  • You may even be offered a job on the spot if you show enough intellect while conversing with workers on campus, as a few current Help Desk workers have found out.

Types of Jobs on Campus-

There are many types of jobs on campus, so don’t worry if one type doesn’t seem to fit your personality. Job positions can be:

  • Desk Jobs: students take calls, do small projects, help individuals who have questions or need specific things, and doing other tasks, like working at the Harward Center, interns for other offices on campus, and Bates Fund Student Callers.
  • Labor/Movement Focused Jobs: students fill positions that rely on strength and cardio, like Zumba instructors, Lifeguards, Mug Bin Pick-up, sweepers, and even Package Center Workers.
  • Teaching and Tutoring Jobs: Students take on the roll of teacher both in and out of class, like a teacher’s assistant, math tutor, PALS member, peer writing tutor or a note taker for class.
  • Specific Skillset Jobs: students fill positions that take a bit of previous knowledge or must be taught to them, like a baker in the kitchen, a pottery studio assistant, an aquarium technician, a barista, or a Help Desk worker.

Perks of Having a Job on Campus-

Although the “perk” of monetary compensation for work is probably the most influential reason for students to get jobs, many students have found that their jobs have perks they weren’t expecting when they applied for the job.

  • Most students interviewed for the SEO website have attested that the biggest perk of their jobs are the people with whom they work with. Fostering relationships with other students (whether they be co-workers or students needing help) and faculty is the most prevalent perks for student jobs on campus.
  •  Depending on the job, students have the opportunity to learn more about Bates College through the work they do. For example, Bates Student Fund Callers have the pleasure of learning about Bates Alumni and what the college was like in the past.
  • Although it shouldn’t be expected, there are a few material perks that students have noticed when they acquire certain jobs. Students that work in the kitchen are sometimes offered cookies while working.
  • Many students find that the job they have chosen offers them a large amount of independence while they work, as well as what they work on. For instance, students who work in positions such as pottery studio assistants and aquarium technicians enjoy having the place they work to themselves.

Skills Fostered from On-Campus Jobs-

Although every job on campus teaches students responsibility, there are a multitude of different skill sets and good habits that can be honed from working at Bates College.

  • Students develop stronger inter-personal skills. 
  • Many students work in positions that will related to the work they plan on pursuing in the future.
  • Most jobs teach students the basics of working in an office environment, including organization skills (when sorting files, books or packages),  event and meeting coordination, computer and program skills, as well as how to improve communication both verbally and through text.

There are a large variety of job positions to be had at Bates College and there’s a place that’s just the right fit for a student with particular interests. If you’re still skeptical, feel free to check out all the positions that students have had on campus.