Doing Some Art Work, An Interview with Museum Attendant Kyle Prohaska

Kyle Prohaska, a senior at Bates College, has been working at the Bates College Museum of Arts as a Museum Attendant for 2 years. “I applied for this job since I am interested in art and museum curation,” Kyle explains, and “the application process was very simple since I only had to fill out a form agreement recognizing the responsibility I had to monitoring the art in the museum.”

For three hours a week at the museum, Kyle talks to visitors, answering any questions they may have about the current exhibit or college as a whole. “I check in at the beginning of the shift to make sure that none of the museum staff needs my assistance, which can range from organizing pamphlets to dropping something off somewhere on campus” says Prohaska. “Mainly my role is to ensure that the art in the space is not harmed and that visitors to the space can gain more information.”

Kyle's job includes reminding people not to touch the works of art. Kyle is included in this category (if you ask me).

When asked what her favorite part of the job is, Kyle replies that it’s definitely “being surrounded by inspiring works of art and interacting with visitors who come to the museum.” In addition to being immersed in beautiful works of art, Kyle’s job has cultivated her public speaking skills, which she believes “is helpful for any and all aspects of life no matter what career I pursue”.

Kyle and sculpture pose for photo. Who is imitating whom, no one knows.Through her time working at the museum, Kyle has learned that it “is a resource that many students are not aware of or do not think of a space to go to so they can see something unique or escape from their daily stress. Visual art is something that can relax and expand the mind. We have a great museum that gets some truly wonderful exhibits that everyone can appreciate.” Currently the Museum’s exhibits include “Redefining The Multiple: 13 Japanese Printmakers” and “Selections from Berenice Abbott’s Portrait of Maine”. They are truly beautiful exhibits, and definitely worth the walk to Olin.