ADV: Bates Fund Student Caller Supervisor (S9804X)

Summary, Scope, and Responsibilities

The Bates Fund Student Caller Supervisors will be responsible for the daily operation of the Bates Fund student calling program while working closely with the Annual Giving Coordinator. Supervisors will be required to attend weekly meetings to update the Annual Giving Coordinator about issues throughout the shifts and be expected to show up early to setup as well as stay later to shut down (3 hours each shift worked). This includes preparation prior to each calling session, supervision of each session, and statistical breakdown of each session. Supervisors will also be required to call during shifts.

A team of supervisors will cover all calling shifts for the program, with two supervisors working each shift. Supervisors will be available to work a minimum of three shifts per week, one of which will be a Sunday shift. The Student Calling Program operates for eight weeks during both the fall and winter semesters, and four weeks during Short Term. Calling shifts will be held Sunday through Wednesday from 6:30PM-9:00PM. Supervisors will be expected to arrive at least fifteen minutes prior to each calling shift to prepare the calling stations and will be expected to stay fifteen minutes following the completion of calling in order to break down the calling stations and complete nightly reports.

Supervisors must be trustworthy, as a great deal of confidential information regarding alumni and parents will be available at all times.

The student must be able to:

– Support the Annual Giving Coordinator in the hiring and initial training of new callers, as well as on-going training and review sessions throughout the semester
– Supervise the nightly calling sessions and ensure that performance goals are met
– Set up and break down calling stations for each scheduled night of calling
– Develop creative and innovative incentives and motivational plans to minimize caller turnover, maximize caller productivity and happiness, and maintain a positive work environment
– Maintain caller schedules and attendance at nightly calling sessions; account for hours worked by students
– Evaluate caller performance and diagnose causes of variance from performance goals
– Continue to call donors for a time to be determined by Annual Giving Coordinator
– Complete nightly reports on the performance of the callers and the results of the calls, sorted by constituency
– Communicate with the Annual Giving staff, acting as the liaison between the callers and the staff to be sure that everyone’s needs are met
– Managing student fundraisers who contact Bates alumni and parents by telephone to solicit donations on behalf of the Bates Fund
– Be able to monitor the call sessions, coach callers, and assist in the development of related statistics and training materials
– Attend weekly meetings with manager

New Rules for Calling:

Assigned Seating – to figure out if there are computer / program issues or user mistakes/confusion.
Strike System – 3 absences (that you don’t make up) position will be terminated.
Switching Shifts – Can only ask to switch shifts 4 times during the entire semester.
Late Policy – if you show up late (at 6:30p or later) 3 times it will count as an absence

The Basics

Department: College Advancement
Supervisor: Carly Yeung
Office Location: 301 Lane Hall
Pay Grade: X
Hours: 10
Workers: 4

Qualifications, Requirements, and Responsibilities


Requirements: Supervisors must be current Bates students who are extremely reliable and dedicated, as this position is crucial to the success of the calling program in particular and the Bates Fund as a whole. Supervisors must have at least one year of previous experience as a student caller as well as previous managerial experience.


Reports to: Carly Yeung