ARC: PAL Student Mentor (S9599X)

Summary, Scope, and Responsibilities

Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Leaders are outstanding Bates students who are willing to use their first-hand experience and knowledge to help their peers become better learners. Having successfully completed the course they are leading, PAL Leaders facilitate learning in out-of-class sessions using strategies that build readiness and comprehension in traditionally difficult courses. PAL Leaders work to help students understand that problem solving is a process, and that with practice students can claim authority of their own learning. PAL Leaders diligently prepare session plans and reports that are shared in weekly staff meetings with the PAL Program Coordinator.  As part of the Academic Resource Commons (ARC), PAL Leaders implement the core mission of working with Bates students towards academic success.  PAL Leaders participate in ARC training sessions throughout the semester to learn from other ARC leaders and to support their own development as peer leaders.

In addition to working as a PAL Leader, the PAL Student Mentor will also involve duties/responsibilities such as:

The Basics

Department: Academic Resource Commons
Supervisor: Eric Dyer
Office Location: Coram Library 223
Pay Grade: X

Qualifications, Requirements, and Responsibilities


Applicants for the position of PAL Leader should be in strong academic standing, have received an A or B in any course they wish to support, be available to attend the section of the class they are supporting, and be able to procure a recommendation from a member of the faculty. Effective communication skills, leadership ability, and investment in academic success for all Bates students are essential attributes. Your application should contain the following documents: • Resume • Transcript • Cover letter explaining your interest in this position, and including the following information: o Class Year o GPA o Can you attend training the first week of class? o Can you attend a weekly training? Applicants being considered for a formal interview will be asked to complete a supplementary application.