OEI: Dinner Table Faciliators (S9645C)

Summary, Scope, and Responsibilities

Dinner Table Facilitators will facilitate four story-telling and discussion sessions during the Winter 2015 semester aimed at to magnifying the vital principle that pluralism is a source of power and effectiveness by promoting deeper connections between people, promoting critical thinking and self-reflection, expanding the community’s sense of how we all emerge from cultural contexts and therefore developing a more nuanced understanding of the value of “diversity,” catalyzing and identifying interpersonal alliances, and sparking a sense of curiosity and openness in participants.


The Basics

Department: Office of Equity and Inclusion
Supervisor: Crystal Williams
Office Location: United States
Email: cwilliam@bates.edu
Pay Grade: C
Hours: 3-6
Workers: 7

Qualifications, Requirements, and Responsibilities


Interest in subject matter; good listener; adept at drawing out people's stories; ability to maintain neutrality; reliability.


Report directly Crystal Williams and the rest of the design team, including Darby Ray, Michael Sargent, Krista Aronson, Emily Wright-Magoon, and Ellen Alcorn