GEO: Lab Assistant (S9618B)

Summary, Scope, and Responsibilities


The Lab Assistant I will provide general lab assistance to students during lab. He or she will also be expected to hold a one hour, weekly, evening help session for students and prepare students before exams with a study session.



This student must be certified to drive college cans to pickup/drop off cans and possibly drive on some field trips. Security offers can certification classes beginning in August and into early September.

The Basics

Department: Geology
Supervisor: Marita Bryant
Office Location: 218 Carnegie
Email: mbryant
Pay Grade: B
Hours: 4-5
Workers: 2

How to Apply:

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The Basics

Department: Geology
Supervisor: Marita Bryant
Office Location: 218 Carnegie
Email: mbryant
Pay Grade: B
Hours: 4-5
Workers: 2

Qualifications, Requirements, and Responsibilities