HCCP: CER/START Fellow (S9635X)

Summary, Scope, and Responsibilities


In conjunction with faculty and community partners, CER/START (Community-Engaged Research/Short Term Action/Research Team) Fellows develop a detailed research agenda and timeline appropriate to the mutually-defined need and interests of the community. Fellows will attend biweekly meetings with faculty (and where possible, community partners). At these meetings, the group will discuss assigned reading on theory, practice, ethics, and history of community-based research. These meetings will also provide current Fellows an opportunity to talk with past Fellows who have chosen to serve as CER/START Peers.



EDUCATION: The CER/START Fellows must have completed their first year of college.
EXPERIENCE: The CER/START Fellows must have experience in research methods and community partnership work.



Fellows commit to various form of documentation (journals, field notes, and/or reflections, as well as research reports and products). Fellows commit to appropriated sharing of research results in useful venues (town meetings, agency staff retreats, policy documents, and newsletters). The CER/START Fellows program spans a single semester or summer. Students doing year long theses should apply to participate in the fall semester and many serve as CER/START Peers if they wish to remain involved in the spring.

The Basics

Department: Harward Center Community Partnerships
Supervisor: Holly Lasagna
Office Location: 161 Wood Street
Email: hlasagna
Pay Grade: X
Workers: 1+


How to Apply:

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The Basics

Department: Harward Center Community Partnerships
Supervisor: Kristine Cloutier
Office Location:
Pay Grade: X
Workers: 1+

Qualifications, Requirements, and Responsibilities