HCCP: Community Outreach Fellow (S9691F)

Summary, Scope, and Responsibilities

The Harward Center Community Outreach Fellow (COF) is chosen in winter semester to serve during the next academic year.

The Outreach Fellow leads a site-based volunteer program in the community and is responsible for recruiting student volunteers, training them, scheduling their work, and following up with them on their experience. Each COF is expected to participate in the program they lead. The COF meets twice a month with HCCP staff and other COFs and is expected to attend at least one training per semester. The COF must also complete reports on the program he or she coordinates.

The Basics

Department: Harward Center Community Partnerships
Supervisor: Martha Deschaines
Office Location:
Email: mdeschai@bates.edu
Pay Grade: X
Hours: 8
Workers: 10

Qualifications, Requirements, and Responsibilities


This position is not open to first-year students. The COF should have experience working in the community, preferably in the program the person wishes to lead. The COF should be enthusiastic about learning leadership skills through trainings and through direct experience.


The COF reports to Martha Deschaines, Assistant Director of the Harward Center, and works closely with other HCCP staff. The COF also works closely with the community partner that hosts the program they coordinate. The COF is responsible for supervising program volunteers and program participants.


Conditions vary, depending on the community site. Most positions require travel to the site.