MUS: Music Recording Studio Technician (S9798C)

Summary, Scope, and Responsibilities


The Recording Studio Technician is responsible for preparing recordings of concerts that take place in the Olin Arts Center concert hall.




EDUCATION: Bates student
EXPERIENCE: This student must have technical experience.



The Technician is expected to be present at the recording studio well in advance of performance time in order to make all necessary preparations and to check on critical details. This requires at least 30 minutes and usually about an hour, depending upon the needs of each particular program. The Technician also will be responsible for a sound check prior to performances and for setting up equipment to make copies during the time of the recording.

The Basics

Department: Music
Supervisor: Charlene Russell
Office Location: 205 Olin Arts Center
Email: crussell
Pay Grade: C
Workers: 2-3


How to Apply:

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The Basics

Department: Music
Supervisor: Charlene Russell
Office Location: 205 Olin Arts Center
Email: crussell
Pay Grade: C
Workers: 2-3

Qualifications, Requirements, and Responsibilities