OIE: Fellow (S9601C)

Summary, Scope, and Responsibilities

OIE Fellows play an integral student leadership role to promote and enact the mission of the OIE within the office and across campus. OIE Fellows will accomplish this by serving as a representative of the office, creating programming, managing the OIE space, and completing administrative tasks.

Through programming, OIE Fellows will promote academic excellence and community building for all students with a particular focus on students from underrepresented populations including students of color, LGBTQ+ students, and first generation to college students. OIE Fellows will work closely with staff to design and implement workshops and programs in the following areas: the first gen experience, academic success, cultural/theme month events, and community building.

Through two weekly shifts, OIE Fellows will be responsible for acting as community leaders of the OIE. This includes engaging all individuals who use the space, ensuring that individuals use the space appropriately and that the OIE is in presentable condition after the shift, which will require cleaning and putting things away. OIE Fellows will also complete administrative tasks and errands as assigned by staff.

*Students who identify as students of color, first generation to college, or queer are strongly encouraged to apply for this position.

*This is a full year position, students who are studying abroad during Fall or Winter Semester are not eligible for this position.


The Basics

Department: Intercultural Education
Supervisor: Lexie Mucci
Office Location: 142, Chase
Email: amucci
Pay Grade: C
Hours: 7
Workers: 7

Qualifications, Requirements, and Responsibilities


Required: -Commitment to diversity and inclusion -Ability to communicate professionally -Ability to build relationships with all students Preferred, but not required: -Prior leadership experience -Van certified, or able to be -Experience with canva, photoshop, indesign, etc. for poster making -Experience with mailchimp


Responsibilities: -Complete 2-3 day leadership training prior to the beginning of fall semester -Act as OIE liaison throughout Bates community -Participate in all required meetings including weekly fellow meetings -Work collaboratively with other OIE Fellows, OIE Staff, and other campus constituencies -Build relationships with students who participate in the OIE -Design and execute programs individually, in teams, and with Staff members including: setting up planning meetings, advertising, shopping for supplies, set up/clean up of events, assessment, etc. -Help to plan and participate in educational and recreational activities for students, faculty, staff, and the great Lewiston community, both on and off campus -Must be willing to use personal social media (or create “professional” social media accounts) to complete administrative tasks such as posting articles, videos, and events on facebook. -Complete office tasks such as: running errands, updating the website and social media, hanging posters, printing and copying materials, etc. -Complete space management tasks such as having students sign in, answering questions, ensuring students clean up after themselves, etc. -Complete cleanup tasks such as running the dishwasher, closing windows, putting the furniture back in its place, and general cleaning. -If licensed driver, it may be necessary to get van certified and occasionally drive.