Getting a Job On-Campus

Everything You Need To Know:

  • Information available for students eligible for Federal Work Study.
  • Get to know Handshake; it will be your access point for viewing and applying to any job on-campus!
  • Handshake account access will go live in mid-August! You can log in with your Bates credentials any time after that.
  • All campus jobs are open to all students, regardless of work study eligibility.
  • You will need a cover letter and resume for applying for jobs on Handshake. If you need help with creating these please consult with the Center for Purposeful Work.
  • Once you’re hired, stop by the Student Employment Office and fill out the required documents to receive your Bates Work Authorization. No authorization, no working!
  • Check the original documents you should bring with you to the Student Employment Office.
  • Fill out your electronic timesheet bi-weekly on Garnet Gateway. It will be the only way you’ll be rewarded for your hard work!
  • As tax season gets closer, make sure you have the required forms found on Garnet Gateway.