May 2011

Update on the Bates Fund

Bates College’s monthly newsletter for its fundraising volunteers.

Seven Weeks Left!

Our 2011 goals are within sight, but we can’t get there without your help. Please circle back to all of your assignments and ask them to participate in this year’s Fund today! If you aren’t able to contact your assigned donors in the next few weeks, please contact your staff liaison so they can re-assign them to another solicitor. If you’re willing to take on a few more names, please let us know as well. And, if your peers think a “small” gift doesn’t make a difference, make the case for participation:

  • Vote of confidence:  Large numbers of alumni donors show grant-making organizations that alumni value their education.
  • Reputation:  Alumni participation impacts Bates’ standing in college rankings and guidebooks.
  • Cumulative power of gifts:  Small gifts add up to make a big difference; last year, gifts of $500 or less provided nearly $1 million to the Fund.

Goals and Progress

 Bates Fund Goals for FY 2011

 Participation       Dollars
Alumni Fund Goal 45% $4,200,000
Parents Fund Goal 35% $1,300,000
Total Bates Fund Goal                  $5,500,000


 Progress Compared to Last Year
 4/30/10 4/30/11
Alumni Fund gifts $2,198,982 $2,426,616
Alumni participation 31% 28%
Parents Fund gifts $921,038 $1,050,978
Parent participation 28% 29%
Total Gifts $3,120,020 $3,477,594

With only seven weeks left in the Fund year, these figures now reflect only gifts versus commitments (gifts and unpaid pledges)

Commitments by Group
4/30/10 4/30/11
Bates Fund Executive Committee 93% 100%
Board of Trustees 100% 100%
Mount David Society Committee 90% 91%
Reunion Gift Committees 83% 80%
Class Agents – non-BOLD 88% 77%
Class Agents – BOLD 89% 94%
Bates Parents Fund Committee 92% 94%
Alumni Council 90% 91%

May Days Bates Fund Blitz – Thank You!

Our thanks to Bates Fund Executive Committee members Rick Favreau ’85, Alan Green ’75, Steve Mortimer ’72, and Kathy Doocy Overbye ’81 for organizing our first-ever Bates Fund Blitz! And, kudos to the numerous Class Agents, Reunion Gift Committee members, and Mount David Society volunteers, who, in just four days, logged 200 contacts on our new Online Tool, secured 63 new gifts, and raised $15,000. Great work, Bobcats!

Hats Off To John Ducker ’91

John Ducker ’91 has established himself as one of Bates’ top fundraisers. During the Blitz, John contacted no less than 30 classmates. For most volunteers, that’s a year’s work. For John, 30 contacts in four days is just “business-as-usual.”

We recently asked John about his work for Bates, and his first comment was “I really like the Online Tool!” John continued, “We have an aggressive participation goal (55%), and I want my list to at least be at 55%. The Online Tool tells me where I am personally every day. When I contact people, I try to use the energy that we will feel if we hit 55% (I am not afraid of exclamation points or the word ‘awesome’!!). I also mailed Bates tattoos to everyone on my list who has kids. If aliens come to Earth and tattoos become the new currency, my sons will be the new Bill Gateses. I enjoy making personal connections with people on my list when possible.”

John and his wife Molly have two sons, Logan and Rowan, and a nephew who will be attending Bates starting this fall. John’s book, “The Kiss That Caused My Slice – A Book of Golf Poems” makes a great addition to any golf library and is available on Amazon and


Volunteer Leadership Summit

This weekend we expect nearly 150 Bobcat volunteers on campus for a celebratory weekend of networking events and briefings about the state of Bates. For the latest details on the Volunteer Leadership Summit click here. As part of the weekend festivities, we look forward to honoring this year’s “Bates’ Best” winners for their outstanding volunteer work in 2009-10!

Bradford A. Adams ’92, Rosalind McCullough Boyle ’61, Mary Morton Cowan ’61, P’91, Gretchen Shorter Davis ’61, George H. Drury ’61, Geraldine M. FitzGerald ’75, Cherry C. Karlson P’13, Eric D. Knight ’90, Steven H. Mortimer ’72, P’95, Katherine Doocy Overbye ’81, Graham S. Proud ’08, Lisa Ann Romeo ’88, Richard L. Smith P’12, Edward L. Walker ’02, Richard S. Watkins ’61, Beverly Hayne Willsey ’55, P’79, P’81, P’89.

Insider’s Conference Call for Bates Fund Volunteers

On Monday, May 23 at 10 am EST, Vice President for Enrollment and External Affairs Nancy Cable, Vice President for College Advancement Kelly Kerner, and Christina Wellington Traister, Director of Annual Giving, will host a one-hour conference call exclusive to Bates Fund volunteers. Hear Nancy’s updates on Admissions, the Career Development Center, and Communications & Media Relations as well as her feelings about her new role as Interim President next year.

Kelly Kerner will share some impressive statistics and Advancement-related information, and Christina will discuss where we stand with less than six weeks to go before the end of fiscal year 2011. A question-and-answer session will follow, time-permitting. Keep an eye out for the call dialing instructions.

Upcoming Appeals

What’s your word for Bates?

Help us build Bates Fund participation and excitement around our new year-end marketing campaign, “In a Word: Bates”!  Alumni and parents who have not yet given this fiscal year will receive a self-mailer followed by weekly e-mails encouraging their participation in this year’s Fund starting in late May. Using an integrated-media approach featuring print publications, email, social media, and video, we will ask donors to make their gift and share their word to describe Bates.

When it goes “live,” please help us spread the word and make this campaign as dynamic as possible by sharing your word and making your gift if you have not yet done so!

Next Steps

Review next steps for all volunteers by clicking here.

Thank you for all that you do for the Bates Fund!