February 2012

Update on the Bates Fund

Bates’ monthly newsletter for fundraising volunteers.

Winter Momentum

In the midst of winter, excitement abounds on the Bates campus with many noteworthy athletic match-ups, the second annual Arts Crawl, and a popular visit by best-selling author Lisa Genova ’92. With hundreds of new Class Agents and Bates Fund volunteers on board this season, February will be an active month of outreach and solicitation.  Please read the bottom section of this newsletter for details on specific deadlines for your committee work. We’ve got a lot of work to do to achieve our ambitious goals and can’t do it without you! Every phone call, visit or email brings us closer to our goals and ensures Bates is able to offer a first-rate education to all students. And, stay tuned for an exciting Bates Fund announcement later this month…

Where We Stand

Bates Fund Goals for FY 2012

 Participation       Dollars
Alumni Fund Goal 48% $4,600,000
Parents Fund Goal 40% $1,400,000
Total Bates Fund Goal             $6,000,000
Progress Compared to Last Year
1/31/12 1/31/11
Alumni Fund commitments $2,560,428 $2,428,126
Alumni participation 20% 23%
Parents Fund commitments $908,735 $1,044,422
Parent participation 26% 27%
Total Gifts $3,469,163
Commitments by Group
Bates Fund Executive Committee 100% 100%
Board of Trustees 100% 98%
Mount David Society Committee 71% 81%
Reunion Gift Committees 61% 58%
Class Agents – non-BOLD 57% 68%
Class Agents – BOLD 46% 67%
Bates Parents Fund Committee 84% 87%
Alumni Council 63% 91%

Our sincere thanks to everyone who has already made their commitment to the Bates Fund this year. As Bates Fund volunteers, making your gift or pledge early in the year helps you ask your peers to make their gift with confidence! Remember that pledges can be paid through June 30. We are currently at 72% participation for all volunteer groups.

Hats Off to Our Longest-Serving Volunteers

The Bates Fund volunteer ranks have grown tremendously over the past few months, as depicted below. Forty percent (172) of our volunteers have one year or less with the team, and we are so fortunate to have them with us. They have already begun to do great work for Bates.We also have two individuals with over 30 years of service: Oswyn Hammond ’50 and Ronald Clayton ’53! Following close behind, with 27 years: Dick Coughlin ’53 and Marycarol McBain ’81. Peter Post ’58 clocks in at 25 years. Let’s give these stellar volunteers a standing ovation for their many years of dedicated service; they have played an important role in making Bates a great college!

Still Going Strong: I love the ’90s – Bates College Edition, a Challenge to the Finish

The Decade of the 1990s has set a goal to out-perform all other decades in alumni participation. This is particularly impressive given the fact that Bates and our peer schools have recently experienced declining participation from this decade. Not at Bates, not now! The ’90s are in full battle dress and planning to be #1. Are there any other decades that think they’re up to this challenge?!

Date Change: Insiders’ Call with President Cable, moved to Wednesday, February 29

President Cable will host an insiders’ call with Bates Fund volunteers on Wednesday, February 29, at 10:00 a.m. Eastern. Be sure to mark your calendar. Details to follow, but you won’t want to miss this opportunity to hear what’s happening at Bates, and what’s on the horizon, from Nancy. The call has been rescheduled in the expectation of some exciting news we hope to convey at that time. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions. We hope you’ll be there!

Matching Gifts Heads-Up

Don’t forget to ask about company matching gifts in your conversations with donors. This is a great way to significantly increase your gift and help Bates do more good work. Folks should ask their organization if they match gifts, and if they do, ask Human Resources for the form and take it from there!

Program Updates

Class Agents-Winter Blitz Blasts All Records!!

Our Class Agents team was nothing short of amazing during the Blitz held from January 29 – February 4. All decades were represented, almost 400 (!!!) alumni were contacted, and close to $100,000 in pledges were received, including many increases over last year’s gifts.

Special recognition goes to Peter Post ’58 who achieved five multi-year pledges at or above the Mount David Society level, and Jenn Jacobs ’00 who attained eight specified pledges, including an MDS-level gift and five increases over last year – despite being in Hawaii and having to deal with significant time zone challenges.

Parents Fund

Round 2 of Parents Fund solicitations has begun! Upcoming conference calls are February 14 and March 13, both at 4:30 p.m. EST. We have 1,135 parent donors thus far toward a target of 1,780 and 40% participation. As far as dollars, we are still behind our targets, so all your help calling fellow Bates parents this month is much appreciated. Deadline for first-contact with Round 2 calls is February 28. We hope to end February on a high note and breeze past our targets.

BOLD (Bobcats Of the Last Decade)

Once again, Bates will be competing against other NESCAC schools for Young Alumni donors in March. Last year, volunteers received gifts from 730 DONORS in FOUR WEEKS. It was incredible! With even more Class Agents this year, Bates’ BOLD are primed to take the lead over Colby (BOLD over MOLD, obviously). Stayed tuned for more details this month.

How can you help?

  1. Donate!
  2. Sign into the online tool and contact your assignments!
  3. Use your networks—text your roommate, email your team, poke a facebook friend. Get the word out, anyway and anyhow!

Mount David Society Committee

Thank you for joining us for our kickoff conference call this week! In the coming weeks, you will be asked to select solicitation assignments and we will have a one month calling blitz from March 1-31. Our goal is to complete all MDS volunteer solicitations during March and move on to cultivation efforts for the remainder of the year. Our efforts will include: Mount David Society dinners in six cities nationwide, the development of a MDS LinkedIn group, and launching a newsletter featuring an insider’s look at trustee meetings.

Reunion 2012

Thank you, Reunion Gift Committees, for all of your hard work! Registration opens on March 1, so now is a great time to call your assignments to invite them to join the class giving effort and their classmates on Reunion Weekend. We need your help to involve as many classmates as possible! Reunion Volunteers: Stay tuned for more volunteer updates in the upcoming Reunion Volunteer newsletter.

Scenes from Bates

Bates Fund Volunteer Calendar
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Tools & Resources for Volunteers

We’re here to help!

Christina Wellington Traister ’94
Director of Annual Giving
207-786-6478Hayley Anson ’06
Assistant Director of Annual Giving
Contact for BOLD Volunteers

Nina Emmi ’10 
Assistant Director of Annual Giving

Leah Wiedmann Gailey ’97
Director of Mount David Society Giving
Contact for MDS Committee Members

Curt Lyford ’04
Associate Director of Annual Giving
Contact for Reunion Gift Committee Volunteers

Steve Mortimer ’72
Director of Class Giving
Contact for Class Agents

Erin Nelson
Director of Parent Giving
Contact for Parents Fund Committee Members

Melody Beaulieu
Annual Giving Office Coordinator
Contact for Class Agents

Daphne Comeau
Administrative Assistant, Class Giving

Penney Ward
Administrative Assistant, Mount David Society, Parents Fund

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