January 2011

Update on the Bates Fund

Bates College’s monthly newsletter for its fundraising volunteers.

The New Year

Happy New Year!  With the start of 2011, we have great news to report on the Bates Fund’s progress through 12/31/10.  Commitments for the Alumni Fund stand 5% ahead of last year at this time and commitments for the Parents Fund stand 19% ahead!  This is tremendous progress and we look forward to collaborating with you to continue the forward momentum in the new year.

The Bates Fund Executive Committee met in Boston on January 8 for a day of planning.  Acting Director of Admission Leigh Weisenburger joined the group for lunch to give an insider’s look at admissions today.  Weisenburger reported that applicants for admission in fall 2011 are up 10% over last year.  Weisenburger also discussed the “swing dean” program and its effective role in recruiting and retaining Multi-Cultural students.  Read an article about this program by clicking here.

Now, on to the numbers!

Goals and Progress

 Bates Fund Goals for FY 2011

 Participation       Dollars
Alumni Fund Goal     45% $4,200,000
Parents Fund Goal 35%
Total Bates Fund Goal                  $5,500,000
 Progress Compared to Last Year
   12/31/09 12/31/10
Alumni Fund commitments              $2,174,833 $2,291,037
Alumni participation         21%
Parents Fund commitments $849,041 $1,010,626
Parent participation 25% 26%
Total Commitments $3,023,837  $3,301,664
Commitments by Group
  12/31/09 12/31/10
Bates Fund Executive Committee n/a 100%
Board of Trustees 100% 100%
Mount David Society Committee 75% 74%
Class Agents – non-BOLD 72% 62%
Class Agents – BOLD 41% 65%
Bates Parents Fund Committee 62% 84%
Alumni Council 85% 88%
Thank you to everyone who has made a pledge or gift to the Fund this year. To join with your fellow volunteers to make your pledge or gift visit community.bates.edu/makeagift or call 888-522-8371 to make your gift today!


Solicitation Calls on Behalf of the Bates Fund

Thank you to those volunteers who have been making solicitation calls this fall and winter.  While some Class Agents are using the “paper call sheets” to make their calls, many Mount David Society volunteers, Parents Fund volunteers, and Class Agents are having fun using the new online system to manage their calls.  View an online video of the system here.

Parents Fund Co-Chair Cherry Karlson P’13 says, “The Online Tool has been a contributing factor in the Parents Fund’s achievements this year.  We are 19% ahead in overall commitments and our volunteers using the tool have played a large part in this early success!”

To join in the fun and use the new system, review the training manual and sign into the Garnet Gateway to get started.  Forgot your log-in information?  Call the College’s help desk at 207-786-8222.

Spotlight on Graham Proud ’08

Each month, we would like to highlight a volunteer for outstanding work on behalf of the College.  This month, we thank Graham Proud ’08 for his excellent leadership among Bobcats of the Last Decade (BOLD).

Graham has taken the lead on several BOLD initiatives recently, including offering to host a phonathon for the upcoming BOLD challenge “March Mania” and planning an Emerging Leaders dinner for BOLD alumni in Boston.  Graham’s collaboration, hard work, and insights are definitely making a difference for the Bates Fund. In addition to this “extra” work, Graham continues to be a strong co-lead Class Agent for 2008.

Thanks, Graham, for all that you do for Bates. Keep up the good work!


Decade Captains are Recruiting New Agents!

The Decade Captains have hit the ground running recruiting new agents. Thanks to all of your hard work!  If you are new to the role of Class Agent, visit this web site to familiarize yourself with helpful information about making fundraising calls: www.bates.edu/advancement-volunteer-tools.xml. Next Steps

Review next steps for all volunteers by clicking here.

The Bates Fund Executive Committee
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Christina Wellington Traister ’94
Director of Annual Giving
Contact for MDS Committee Members

Molly Bass
Assistant Director
Contact for Class Agents

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Administrative Assistant & Office Coordinator

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Administrative Assistant

Stephanie Dumont
Administrative Assistant

Nina Emmi ’10 
Annual Fund Coordinator

Aislinn Hougham ’07
Assistant Director
Contact for BOLD Volunteers

Alli Lambert
Director of Parent Giving
Contact for Parents Fund Committee Members

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Associate Director
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