January 2012

Update on the Bates Fund

Bates’ monthly newsletter for fundraising volunteers

Mid-Year Progress

Happy New Year! Thanks for your good work during the first half of the 2012 fiscal year. We’re making excellent progress, but there is much work to be done if Bates is to meet its ambitious $6 million annual fund goal by June 30. Progress and highlights:

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  • Cash is king:  While overall commitments (gifts and unpaid pledges) to the Bates Fund are even over last year at this time, cash gifts are 8.5% ahead of last year. In fact, gifts to the Fund from alumni are up 23% over last year!
  • Average gift:  The average Bates Fund gift has increased from $554 to $650.
  • MDS progress:  Mount David Society-level gifts of $1,855 – $2,500 are up 23% over last year. Nearly 25% of MDS donors are new this year.
  • Class Agents:  Thanks to outreach by Decade Captains, more than 100 new Class Agents have been added to our volunteer ranks.
  • Visits:  With 545 year-to-date visits, staff contacts are up 9% over last year.

“We need to spread the word about the importance of annual giving to Bates,” said Director of Annual Giving Christina Wellington Traister ’94. “We need to up our game to get to the $6 million and 48% alumni participation Bates needs,” she added. “But we know we can do it. Our staff will continue to ask for Bates Fund gifts during every visit. Student Calling, Reunion giving and BOLD March Mania will kick in during the third quarter, and we look forward to seeing the results of outreach by our new volunteers.”

Where We Stand

Bates Fund Goals for FY 2012

 Participation       Dollars
Alumni Fund Goal 48% $4,600,000
Parents Fund Goal 40% $1,400,000
Total Bates Fund Goal             $6,000,000
Progress Compared to Last Year
12/31/11 12/31/10
Alumni Fund commitments $2,450,367 $2,291,037
Alumni participation 18% 20%
Parents Fund commitments $864,765 $1,010,626
Parent participation 23% 26%
Total Gifts $3,315,132
Commitments by Group
Bates Fund Executive Committee 94% 100%
Board of Trustees 100% 100%
Mount David Society Committee 61% 74%
Reunion Gift Committees 57% 55%
Class Agents – non-BOLD 48% 62%
Class Agents – BOLD 47% 65%
Bates Parents Fund Committee 82% 84%
Alumni Council 63% 88%

Our sincere thanks to everyone who has already made their commitment to the Bates Fund this year. As Bates Fund volunteers, making your gift or pledge early in the year helps you ask your peers to make their gift with confidence! Remember that pledges can be paid through June 30. We are currently at 69% participation for volunteer groups.

January Blitz is Coming

The first Class Agents Blitz will take place the week of January 30. Decade Captains are asking all class agents to make an all-out effort to contact as many of their assignees as possible during the week. Bates will report daily results for such categories as the number of contacts (phone, email, etc.) made, the number of gifts (via credit card) received, and the number of pledges achieved. Daily and overall prizes will be awarded. The Decade with the best results for the week in each category will receive special recognition.

Let’s Get Going on the Garnet Gateway Online System

So far, only 42 (15%) Class Agents have signed the Confidentiality Agreement necessary to gain access to the Gateway system, meaning that they are the only ones who are underway (other than those relatively few agents using paper). Now that we’ve turned the corner on the fiscal year, we need to get moving and show what we can do! Note: you will need to be on the Gateway system to participate in the Blitz.

I love the ’90s – Bates College Edition:
A Challenge to the Finish

The Decade of the 1990s has set a goal to out-perform all other decades in alumni participation. This is particularly impressive given the fact that Bates and our peer schools have recently experience declining participation from this decade. Not at Bates, not now! The ’90s are in full battle dress and planning to be #1. Are there any other decades that think they’re up to this challenge?!

Don’t Miss the New England Bates Fund Volunteers Event February 9 in Boston

The first regional event for Bates Fund volunteers will be February 9 in Boston. This will be a great opportunity to meet fellow volunteers, reconnect with friends, make new ones, and hear from some current students about what’s happening on campus. As a special bonus, some of our top Class Agents will share their secrets, and  the Gateway system will be explained for those new to the tool.

Save the Date: Insiders’ Call with President Cable, February 1

President Cable will host an insiders’ call with Bates Fund volunteers on Wednesday, February 1, at 10:00 a.m. Eastern. Be sure to mark your calendar. Details to follow, but you won’t want to miss this opportunity to hear what’s happening at Bates, and what’s on the horizon, from Nancy. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions. We hope you’ll be there!

Program Updates

Class Agents

The Class Agents team is growing tremendously! Last year 180 Class Agents contacted approximately 2,000 alumni being contacted by a classmate. This year we have added 100 new agents, meaning that more than 1,000 additional alumni will be contacted by a classmate. This is extremely important, as personal contacts are much more effective than direct mail at raising money for financial aid, faculty and student grants, and so on. A huge thank you goes out to John Ducker ’91for his remarkable success at recruiting class agents over a broad range of classes.

Parents Fund

Tremendous thanks to our very dedicated and inspiring Parents Fund volunteers who made many dozens of phone calls in support of Bates into late December. Volunteers are assigned to 160 donors and so far, those donors have given a staggering $103K to Bates this year! Go Bobcats! We are gearing up for Round 2, which will begin the first week of February and end February 28. Upcoming Conference calls are February 14 and March 13, both at at 4:30PM EST.


It is get-going time for BOLD volunteers! All BOLD volunteers have access to their solicitation assignments on the online tool, so start getting those calls in! Student callers began reaching out to unassigned BOLD alumni in December, and 444 BOLD alumni have made commitments to Bates so far this fiscal year. We are halfway through the year and 1,356 donors away from reaching our goal of 40% participation. Thank you for your hard work in these upcoming months!

Mount David Society Committee

The Mount David Society Committee is working earnestly to recruit committee members. Thank you to those members who have made their FY12 commitments and are helping the committee gain ground. Stay tuned for updates.

Reunion 2012

Thank you, Reunion Gift Committees, for all of your hard work! Now is a great time to think about who else in your class would be able to help the committee by connecting to groups of classmates that are under-represented by current members.

Scenes from Bates

Bates Fund Volunteer Calendar
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Tools & Resources for Volunteers

We’re here to help!

Christina Wellington Traister ’94
Director of Annual Giving
207-786-6478Hayley Anson ’06
Assistant Director of Annual Giving
Contact for BOLD Volunteers

Nina Emmi ’10 
Assistant Director of Annual Giving

Leah Wiedmann Gailey ’97
Director of Mount David Society Giving
Contact for MDS Committee Members

Curt Lyford ’04
Associate Director of Annual Giving
Contact for Reunion Gift Committee Volunteers

Steve Mortimer ’72
Director of Class Giving
Contact for Class Agents

Erin Nelson
Director of Parent Giving
Contact for Parents Fund Committee Members

Melody Beaulieu
Annual Giving Office Coordinator
Contact for Class Agents

Daphne Comeau
Administrative Assistant, Class Giving

Penney Ward
Administrative Assistant, Mount David Society, Parents Fund

Bates Fund Volunteer Center

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Please visit the site and let us know what you think. What else would be helpful? What’s not clear? etc. Send your ideas, thoughts, criticisms and questions to Steve Mortimer, smortime@bates.edu.

Garnet Gateway Volunteer Fundraising System (“The Online Tool”)

To get to the online tool, just go to the bottom right of any Bates.edu page and you will find a link to the Garnet Gateway (second column from the right, last item in the column) or go to https://www.bates.edu/garnet-gateway/. If you have forgotten your User ID or PIN, call (207-786-8222) or email (Helpdesk@bates.edu) the Bates Help Desk. Good news: in the not-too-distant future the “forgot my User ID / PIN” process will be automated.