March 2012

Update on the Bates Fund

Bates’ monthly newsletter for fundraising volunteers

We’re In! Are You?

During a time of unprecedented momentum at Bates, a small group of anonymous alumni leaders have brought forth a special challenge to the Bates alumni community. Recognizing the critical importance of alumni participation, the donors will give the Bates Fund $500,000 if at least 50% of alumni make a gift during the current 2011-12 fiscal year. Gifts of any size made by alumni to any designation between July 1, 2011 and June 30, 2012 count toward the goal.

For challenge information and talking points, visit the Bates Fund Volunteer Center. As a Bates Fund volunteer, we know that you’re already in. Thank you for spreading the word to alumni about this compelling opportunity. Help us hit 50% and get $500,000 for Bates!

Where We Stand

Bates Fund Goals for FY 2012

 Participation       Dollars
Alumni Fund Goal 50% $4,600,000
Parents Fund Goal 40% $1,400,000
Total Bates Fund Goal             $6,000,000
Progress Compared to Last Year
2/29/12 2/28/11
Alumni Fund gifts $2,816,385 $2,480,915
Alumni participation 23% 24%
Parents Fund gifts $985,042 $1,075,442
Parent participation 29% 31%
Total Gifts $3,801,427 $3,556,357

With fewer than four months left in the Fund year, these figures now reflect only gifts, versus commitments. (Commitments reflect gifts and unpaid pledges.)

Commitments by Group
Bates Fund Executive Committee 100% 100%
Board of Trustees 100% 100%
Mount David Society Committee 79% 81%
Reunion Gift Committees 65% 61%
Class Agents – non-BOLD 62% 69%
Class Agents – BOLD 51% 68%
Bates Parents Fund Committee 84% 94%
Alumni Council 63% 91%

Our sincere thanks to everyone who has already made their commitment to the Bates Fund this year. As Bates Fund volunteers, making your gift or pledge early in the year helps you ask your peers to make their gift with confidence! Remember that pledges can be paid through June 30. We are currently at 76% participation for all volunteer groups.

Attention Bobcats of the Last Decade: The Race is ON!

For the third year in a row, Bates, Colby, Connecticut College, Hamilton and Trinity will compete throughout the month of March to see who can capture, in one month, the greatest number of gifts from alumni in the classes of 2002-2011. It’s time to show and share your Bates pride! Give your gift to Bates today, and spread the word to friends and classmates. Follow March Mania on facebook, and be sure to join the twitter chatter @BatesMarchMania. To see how we’re doing, go to
The Rules:
Gifts must be received between March 1-31, 2012
It must be the donor’s first gift this fiscal year (July 1, 2011-June 30, 2012)

Class Giving News

The New England Volunteers event in Boston on February 9th was a huge success, and similar events are now being planned for Washington, DC (April 25th) and New York City (tentatively 4/11). Connect with other Bates Fund volunteers, share ideas and hear about best practices, get help with the online tool (aka Garnet Gateway Fundraising system), and hear the latest from campus. Contact Steve Mortimer for more information.

Insiders’ Call Summary

On Wednesday, February 29, Bates Fund co-chairs Sarah Pearson ’75 and Bill Carey ’82, P’13, P’14 hosted a Bates Fund Volunteers Insiders’ Call with about 60 volunteers. President Nancy J. Cable shared exciting news from campus and the alumni participation challenge was announced. Click to read:
Insiders’ Call Summary Notes
We’re IN! Alumni Participation Challenge Overview

Matching Gifts Heads-Up

Don’t forget to ask about corporate matching gifts in your conversations with donors. This is a great way to significantly increase gifts and help Bates do more good work. Sending matching gifts to Bates is easy, but it requires the donor to take the first step. Please encourage interested donors to visit their employer’s Human Resources department to ask if the company matches charitable contributions and obtain the necessary forms.

Program Updates

Class Agents

During the past few months, the number of Class Agents has almost doubled the number of agents and plans call for continued growth. Whereas some of our peer schools have 10-20 agents per class, Bates’ average is less than five. This means that the vast majority of alumni are not contacted by a classmate, which is the most effective way of raising money. Please help us by talking to friends who might be interested in becoming a Class Agent, and by passing along names of potential agents for us to contact.

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Currently, only 50% of all Class Agents have logged into the Garnet Gateway online tool, meaning that at least half of our agents have not begun contacting their classmates. Team, we need to pick up the pace and get going… there’s a lot at stake, and Bates is counting on us to get the job done! If you need help or have questions, please contact Steve Mortimer at 207-786-8372.

Parents Fund

We are wrapping up Round 2 of solicitation calls and, thanks to your efforts, we made up some ground in February. That’s the good news! The not-so-good news is that we are still running behind our targets. We will be releasing names on your call lists to the student callers, but please continue to follow up with those on your list if you can–peer solicitations are always the most effective. This month, a solicitation letter to all parents will be sent out from our Parents Fund Co-chairs, so we hope to see some improvement in our numbers.

Stay tuned for news on a new format for our monthly conference calls. We will be inviting guest speakers from Bates to talk about their area of the college (anything from finance to food!). As a result of this change, we will shift the more detailed progress reports to a newsletter format. As always, all committee members are welcome to contact Cherry, Maria, or Erin directly with ideas and feedback. We hope this will be a welcome benefit for our dedicated committee members. Our next conference call (perhaps our last in the current format) is on Tuesday, March 13 at 4:30 p.m.

We are also planning a volunteer cultivation event on March 28 in NYC, targeting 2014 and 2015 parents, with the aim of recruiting more committee members from those classes. We hope those of you in the NYC area can attend!

BOLD (Bobcats Of the Last Decade)

The first round of standings are up on! Great job Bates Class of 2010 for having the most donations of any class from ALL of the participating schools!

Mount David Society Committee

On March 1, the MDS Committee launched into a one month calling blitz.  All committee members have received solicitation assignments and are working hard to reach 100% completion by March 31. Thank you for your excellent outreach to our leadership donors!

Reunion 2012

Thank you, Reunion Gift Committees, for all of your hard work! Reunion Registration opened on March 1, so now is a great time to call your assignments to invite them to join the class giving effort. We need your help to involve as many classmates as possible! Reunion Volunteers: Stay tuned for more volunteer updates in the upcoming Reunion Volunteer newsletter.

Scenes from Bates
           March-April 2012
        Bates Fund Volunteer Calendar
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Tools & Resources for Volunteers

We’re here to help!

Christina Wellington Traister ’94
Director of Annual Giving

Hayley Anson ’06
Assistant Director of Annual Giving
Contact for BOLD Volunteers

Nina Emmi ’10 
Assistant Director of Annual Giving

Leah Wiedmann Gailey ’97
Director of Mount David Society Giving
Contact for MDS Committee Members

Curt Lyford ’04
Associate Director of Annual Giving
Contact for Reunion Gift Committee Volunteers

Steve Mortimer ’72
Director of Class Giving
Contact for Class Agents

Erin Nelson
Director of Parent Giving
Contact for Parents Fund Committee Members

Melody Beaulieu
Annual Giving Office Coordinator
Contact for Class Agents

Daphne Comeau
Administrative Assistant, Class Giving

Penney Ward
Administrative Assistant, Mount David Society, Parents Fund

Bates Fund Volunteer Center

Click here to visit the Volunteer Center for all your volunteer needs.

Please visit the site and let us know what you think. What else would be helpful? What’s not clear? etc. Send your ideas, thoughts, criticisms and questions to Steve Mortimer,

Garnet Gateway Volunteer Fundraising System (“The Online Tool”)

To get to the online tool, just go to the bottom right of any page and you will find a link to the Garnet Gateway (second column from the right, last item in the column) or go to If you have forgotten your User ID or PIN, call (207-786-8222) or email ( the Bates Help Desk. Good news: in the not-too-distant future the “forgot my User ID / PIN” process will be automated.