May 2012

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May 2012 Edition

53 Days and Counting

The countdown to June 30 has officially begun! With 53 days to achieve our ambitious goals of $6M and 50% alumni participation, it’s time to get on the phone and reach as many people as possible on behalf of the 2011-12 Bates Fund. We have 2,800 LYBuNTs (gave Last Year But Not This year) and 700 alumni with an unpaid pledge: if we can get most of these folks on board, we’ll hit our 50% target and get $500,000 for Bates through the We’re In! Bates Challenge. Our goals are within reach, but we can’t do it without your help.

After months of donor feedback and discussion, we’re also pleased to announce that current-use gifts to the Friends of Bates Athletics (FBA) now count in the Bates Fund. Numerous alumni and parents support Bates teams and clubs and can now be recognized as Bates Fund donors. This is in line with many peer schools that include athletic gifts in their annual funds. Even without the $200,000 of FBA gifts added to the Bates Fund in April, the Bates Fund is running 15% ahead of last year in dollars.

On behalf of everyone in College Advancement, thank you for your hard work, persistence, and enthusiasm. Don’t stop now!

Where We Stand

Bates Fund Goals for FY 2012

 Participation       Dollars
Alumni Fund Goal 50% $4,600,000
Parents Fund Goal 40% $1,400,000
Total Bates Fund Goal             $6,000,000
Progress Compared to Last Year
4/30/12 4/30/11
Alumni Fund gifts $3,129,933 $2,426,616
Alumni participation 32% 28%
Parents Fund gifts $1,083,414 $1,050,978
Parent participation 31% 29%
Total Gifts $4,213,347 $3,477,594

With fewer than three months left in the Fund year, these figures now reflect only gifts, versus commitments.
(Commitments are gifts and unpaid pledges.)

Commitments by Group
Bates Fund Executive Committee 100% 100%
Board of Trustees 100% 100%
Mount David Society Committee 85% 84%
Reunion Gift Committees 87% 80%
Class Agents – non-BOLD 78% 77%
Class Agents – BOLD 92% 94%
Bates Parents Fund Committee 97% 94%
Alumni Council 89% 91%

Our sincere thanks to everyone who has already made their commitment to the Bates Fund this year. We are currently at 91% participation for all volunteer groups and hope to hit 100% in the next few weeks.

Bates Best 2012

Bates’ Best awards go to volunteers who have spent the past year dedicated to the engagement of the Bates community with the college and who express a passion and commitment for advancing the mission of the college. Congratulations and Our most sincere appreciation this year’s recipients:

William C. Carey ’82, P’13, P’14
Robert E. Cramer ’79, P’13, P’14
Molly R. Cramer P’13, P’14
John A. Ducker ’91
Irwin H. Flashman ’65
Margaret C. Harrison ’12
Maria L. Kussmaul P’12, P’16
Thomas J. Leonard ’78, P’10, P’14
Brian D. Machunski ’08
James L. Reese, Associate Dean
Margot K. Sakoian ’09
Emma A. Sprague ’10
Edmund J. Wilson ’62

Matching Gifts Heads-Up

Don’t forget to ask about corporate matching gifts in your conversations with donors. This is a great way to significantly increase gifts and help Bates do more good work. Sending matching gifts to Bates is easy, but it requires the donor to take the first step. Please encourage interested donors to visit their employer’s Human Resources department to ask if the company matches charitable contributions and obtain the necessary forms.

Program Updates

Class Agents – Lively Discussion at Class Agents’ Event in D.C.

Class Agents in the D.C. area gathered at the City Club of Washington on April 25 to discuss ways to enhance and improve the Class Agent program. Participants at the event generated a number of great ideas which are now in the process of being implemented. More events are planned and will present opportunities to share best practices and lessons learned, as well as to develop strategies for continually improving the Class Agent program.
If you have questions about the Class Agent program, please contact Steve Mortimer.

Please click on the image to see
more pictures from the event.

Parents Fund

Thanks to everyone’s relentless solicitation efforts, the Parents Fund is now 3.1% above where we were at this time last year in dollars!  We still have some ground to make up with donors but we are really close to our goals. **Round 3 of call assignments will populate in your Garnet Gateway volunteer tool by May 16.**  Your help is appreciated in reaching out to parents and please stress the importance of participation with reluctant parents.

We welcome two new Bates families to our Class of 2014 ranks: Katie and Steven Burke, P’13, P’14 (both Katie and her husband Steven are Bates grads, class of 1981) and Ellen and William Blais, P’14. Thank you to Ellen and Katie for your support of Bates!

Our next regularly scheduled conference call is May 15 at 4:30PM.

President Nancy Cable will be holding a conference call with our committee on Wednesday, May 30th at 4 p.m. Please join us on this call if at all possible.

If you have any questions regarding the Parents Fund, please contact Erin Nelson. Thank you for all you are doing for Bates!

BOLD (Bobcats Of the Last Decade)

This month please do all you can to ask friends to give to the Bates Fund for the We’re In Challenge! Your display of support is a huge vote of confidence for the 50% challenge, and your friends and classmates need to know what an important moment this is for the Bates community. If you need more alumni names to reach out to, please email

Mount David Society Committee


Thank you to the committee for the great work you are doing on behalf of the Mount David Society. As of May 1, our donors are up 22% and our dollars are up 18% in comparison to last year. Most remarkable, our donors at the $1855 level are up 43% from last year. We still have a lot of work to do, with 182 more gifts needed and almost $800,000 remaining to raise — so please continue working on your calls. If you are interested in taking on additional calls, contact Leah Wiedmann Gailey ’97.

This week we are hosting MDS Recognition Dinners in Hartford, NYC, and Washington, DC and look forward to seeing many of you at these events. The dinners in Boston, San Francisco, and Chicago were very successful and engaging.

Reunion 2012

Thank you all for continuing to help us get to 50% participation for the We’re In Challenge! The chart below shows where we stand as of May 9 (all numbers include gifts and multi-year pledges). Reunion Volunteers: Watch for this week’s Reunion Volunteer newsletter for Reunion-specific updates.

 Class  Donors  Amount Raised  Participation
 1942  18  $919,863  50%
 1947  34  $  15,590  59%
 1952  58  $341,688  55%
 1957  77  $  85,796  62%
 1962  100  $  99,001  68%
 1967  91  $278,273  54%
 1972  82  $305,819  37%
 1977  101  $173,053  40%
 1982  97  $105,933  34%
 1987  97  $382,955  29%
 1992  92  $150,531  24%
 1997  113  $  49,906  25%
 2002  97  $  15,915  25%
 2007  184  $  14,910  45%
Total 1,241
 $2,939,233 43 %


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