September 2011

Update on the Bates Fund

Bates College’s monthly newsletter for its fundraising volunteers.

Year in Review

Thanks to your outstanding work, 2010-11 was a record-breaking year for the Bates Fund. The college family achieved the ambitious goals of $5.5 million, 45% alumni participation, and 35% parent participation. And over the last two years, the Fund has increased by 28%, powered by significant increases in both alumni and parent participation. Read more here.

Bates Fund Goals for FY 2011

 Participation       Dollars
Alumni Fund Goal 45% $4,200,000
Parents Fund Goal 35% $1,300,000
Total Bates Fund Goal                  $5,500,000
Progress Compared to Last Year
6/30/10 6/30/11
Alumni Fund gifts $ 3,554,957 $ 4,144,483
Alumni participation 44.2% 45.2%
Parents Fund gifts $ 1,168,224 $ 1,359,193
Parent participation 33.1% 39.1%
Total Gifts $4,723,181 $5,503,676

Figures now reflect only gifts in the door versus commitments (gifts and unpaid pledges)

Commitments by Group
Bates Fund Executive Committee 100% 100%
Board of Trustees 100%  100%
Mount David Society Committee  100%  100%
Reunion Gift Committees  90% 93%
Class Agents – non-BOLD  93% 91%
Class Agents – BOLD 94% 94%
Bates Parents Fund Committee  97%  100%
Alumni Council 95% 95%

Annual Giving Staffing Update

Annual Giving welcomes a number of new team members: Steve Mortimer ’72, Director of Class Giving; Hayley Anson ’06, Assistant Director-BOLD; Curt Lyford ’04, Associate Director-Reunion Fundraising; Leah Gailey ’97, Director of Mount David Society Giving; Erin Nelson, Director of Parent Giving; and Brad MacCachran, Bates Fund Gift Officer.

Announcing Irwin Flashman as Co-Chair of BFEC Class Agents

Irwin Flashman, ’65, has joined the Bates Fund Executive Committee (“BFEC”) as co-chair of the Class Agents program. Irwin will work closely with the BFEC and especially co-chair Kathy Overbye, the Decade Captains, and the entire team of Class Agents. He is a longtime supporter of Bates, most recently serving as Lead Agent for his class.

Student Calling Program Helps the Bates Fund Reach its Participation Goal!

During the academic year, students spanning all classes call alumni and parents to enlist their support of the Bates Fund. This past year they were led by former student calling supervisor, Nina Emmi ’10, who joined the Bates Fund last fall as the Annual Giving Coordinator. She begins FY12 as an Assistant Director of Annual Giving for the Student Calling and Senior Gift programs.

This program was essential to Bates’ achieving 45% participation in FY11. Students contacted over 6,500 alumni, most of whom would not otherwise have been contacted, and received 4,447 pledges and gifts…one in four gifts made to the Bates Fund!
Eve Boyce, a rising junior, was surprised by how much she enjoyed fund-raising for Bates. She remarks, “During my first year as a Bates Fund Student Caller, I have really enjoyed speaking to and learning from so many great alumni and parents. My conversations have allowed me to recognize the importance of alumni donations to my education.”

Bates is very fortunate to have such a dedicated and passionate team of students, and with all of the underclassmen planning on helping in the new fiscal year, FY12 is shaping up to be another great year for Bates.

Bates Best 2011 Award Recipients

Bates’ Best awards are presented annually to alumni and/or parents who are dedicated to the engagement of the Bates community with the college, and who express a passion and commitment for advancing Bates’ mission. The 2011 Bates’ Best award recipients are:


Bradford A. Adams 1992 Steven H. Mortimer 1972, P’95
Rosalind McCullough Boyle 1961 Katherine Doocy Overbye 1981
Mary Morton Cowan 1961, P’91 Graham S. Proud 2008
Gretchen Shorter Davis 1961 Lisa Romeo 1988
George H. Drury 1961 Richard L. Smith P’12
Geraldine M. FitzGerald 1975 Edward L. Walker 2002
Cherry C. Karlson P’13 Richard S. Watkins (Dick) 1961
Eric D. Knight 1990 Beverly Hayne Willsey 1955, P’79, P’81, P’89

Class of 2006 Establishes Nathan Dorpalen Scholarship

The class of 2006 worked together this past fiscal year to raise a $5,000 Named Scholarship in memory of their classmate, Nathan Dorpalen, who died last October. Nathan was an environmental studies major at Bates and an avid outdoorsman. Nate’s family attended the class of 2006’s 5th Reunion in June to thank the class for establishing the scholarship, and also participated in a 5K run the class organized in Nate’s memory. Nate’s family and classmates are now considering continuing the scholarship. The following is a thank you note from Leigh Michael ’12, recipient of the Nathan Dorpalen Class of 2006 Scholarship in 2011.

To the Class of 2006,
I am so honored that you chose me to be the recipient of the Nathan Dorpalen Scholarship. Upon hearing about the young man after whom the scholarship is named, I feel so grateful to be a part of your incredible gesture to both him and the school he loved so much.
Bates has been a phenomenal place to spend my college career. However, with a twin sister attending another NESCAC college, financial aid has been integral. With this scholarship, I am able to take advantage of everything Bates has to offer. I just returned from Scotland for the semester, where I was able to WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms) with an organic farm and explore traditional fishing villages in Norway. Last year, I had the opportunity to intern with a small environmental magazine in Berkeley. This summer, I will be heading out to Oregon with the help of the Otis Fellowship where I will explore the way in which the logging industry has shaped small communities. In the process, I will begin compiling research for my English and Environmental Studies thesis. I feel so fortunate that I have had so many exceptional opportunities while at Bates, and I appreciate your help in making this possible.
In continuing my environmental pursuits, please know that I hope to honor your classmate and friend. He sounds like a truly inspiring individual, and I regret that I did not have the opportunity to get to know him.
Thank you.
Best, Leigh Michael ’12

Class Agent Decade Captains Program Completes Inaugural Year

During fiscal year 2011, a new approach to the Class Agents program was introduced in order to better support the agents. Conceived by Bates Fund Executive Committee Class Agent co-Chairs Kathy Overbye and Steve Mortimer with the intent of improving communications, a Decade Captain was named for each of the decades from the Forties to the Nineties. The Decade Captains recruit, train, organize, coach and lead the Class Agents within their decade, sharing ideas, problem-solving, and otherwise collaborating. This first year was a learning experience, bumpy at times, and along with the Annual Giving team at Bates, a number of enhancements to the original concept have been identified and are being implemented for the current fiscal year (FY12). Bates acknowledges and sincerely thanks the Charter Members of the Decade Captains team for their hard work, patience, passion and enthusiasm:

 1940s  Jane Norris, ‘46
 1950s  Jo Reynolds, ‘58
 1960s  Howard Blum, ‘63
 1970s  Rick Porter, ‘73
 1980s  Kathy Overbye, ‘81
 1990s  Liz Kesselman, ‘97

Thank you for all that you do for the Bates Fund!

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