Student-Faculty Stories

Allie Freed ’16
I love teaching in the arts at Bates because I get to work so closely with students like Allie Freed ’16. I’ve known Allie for all four years she has been at Bates, and I’m really proud of the work she’s doing and how it represents the passion and creativity of Bates students.
— Carol Dilley, Professor of Dance and Chair of the Department of Theater and Dance

Caran Arora ’16
Caran has been my advisee for four years, ever since he began his college career in my First Year Seminar. So, it’s pretty cool to be working with him on the other end of his Bates experience and to see how much he’s grown as a student, writer, thinker, and person. I’m really proud of and excited about the work he’s doing on his thesis, which examines the effects of an intervention with men to raise awareness about sexual objectification of women. It’s also been great to see his success on the squash court. — Su Langdon, Professor of Psychology

Alexandra Morrow ’16
Besides being smart, Alex Morrow is diligent and creative. Students like her engage with challenges of a class and their meaning beyond the class. Whether I am reading one of her papers or an email from her about an intriguing news story related to the class, I know I am going to learn something. Students like here make Bates such a rich community of learning. They are why I have the best job in the world. — Joe Hall, Associate Professor of History

Joran Cargill ’16
Jordan is a self-motivated, industrious, and collegial Batesie with a unique eye for field geology. Working with him outdoors in the field, advising him through the data analysis, and now watching him in the final stages of interpretation are among the most rewarding aspects of our student-faculty collaboration. — Dyk Eusden ’80, Professor of Geology