Welcome to the Writing at Bates Blog!

Writing at Bates is a program dedicated to supporting faculty as teachers of writing, and students as writers, at Bates College. The work that we do here is typical in many ways of college and university writing across the curriculum programs— faculty workshops, cups of coffee and tea over syllabi and draft writing prompts, consultations with student writers—tweaked locally, as every WAC program is, for the circumstances of our institutional context. We’re a group of people with very different scholarly backgrounds and interests, united by a passion for writing and the teaching of writing.


In the course of this work, and in our reading, and as we engage with each other, our peers on campus, and our national colleagues, we come often across topics that pique our interest or bear a little more discussion than we typically get to have in the course of a busy day. This blog is a venue for us to break down those ideas in the way that we, as writers and teachers of writing, most love to do it. It’s a place for us to share the wonderful moments and conversations and insights around writing that often emerge in meetings, workshops, and conversations, and give them a wider audience than the people in the room at the time. It’s a space for us to explore some of the areas of pedagogy that are most exciting to us, and to connections between writing pedagogy and the social-justice-oriented mission of Bates College. And we very much hope it’s a space you find meaningful, as a site for connecting with us and with others over writing, teaching, and the power of both to make the world a better place. Thanks for joining us. All of us at Writing at Bates look forward to connecting with you here.


Daniel Sanford

Director, Writing at Bates

Bates College