My Favorite (COVID) Writing Assignment

While the pandemic made one of Writing@Bates most popular recurring events, our annual “My Favorite Writing Assignment” panel, impossible in its usual form this year, it also created an opportunity to speak to Bates faculty about how they’ve risen to the challenge of teaching writing in remote/distanced and intensive courses. During the break between fall and winter of AY 2020/2021, the Writing@Bates staff sat down with four Bates faculty members to discuss their experiences teaching in Modules A & B, a writing assignment that they felt worked especially well in meeting the demands of the moment, and their advice for faculty contemplating how to integrate writing in their Module C & D courses. Thank you to Gina Fatone (Music), Yun Garrison (Psychology), Charles Nero (Rhetoric), and Katy Ott (Mathematics) for your thoughtful insights!