The Writing Center Mission Statement

The Writing Center empowers Bates students in becoming more effective writers, communicators, thinkers, and learners. A venue for having beliefs strengthened and convictions challenged, the center supports students in using writing and language to achieve their personal goals. The Writing Center helps students develop a process for writing that will serve them as scholars and citizens. Writing is an invitation to learn, grow, and reflect. As a diverse community of scholars, we recognize equal value in all language varieties, and all ways of speaking and writing. Working with ardor and devotion, we foster collaborative relationships that use writing to engage the transformative power of our differences.

The Writing Center will accomplish this by:

  • Providing a space for students to generate ideas, collaborate, draft, write, revise, edit, and present in a supported environment.

  • Facilitating an on-going conversation on healthy writing practices, language learning, visual rhetoric, and public speaking through tutoring, workshops, resources, and other venues.

  • Providing in-class activities and other interventions to support writing in the curriculum.

  • Advocating for students as writers, and working to support students as they navigate writing in the Bates curriculum.