Internet Explorer 7: Tips and Commands

On December 21, 2009 the Bates campus (including offices, labs, and kiosks) will all be running Internet Explorer version 7. There are some features of this version that are similar to Firefox 3, such as tabs, add ons, and decreased emphasis on drop down menus. As of Fall 2009, you can examine IE 7 at any kiosk computers (all running Windows Vista).

After the download and installation, customizing the browser settings is offered. It is recommended to turn on the phishing filter, and keep settings from your previous version. The save your settings screen also has links to information on the features of the new version, such as a tour.


To customize search engines for web and topic searches and setting a default:
Click on magnifying glass, upper right corner
Click “Find more providers”
Click on the name of the provider to add
Change the default by clicking on “change search defaults”

 The “page button” icon gives choices for working with selections of a page (copy/paste), editing the entire web page  in Word,  view the source code, and other page details.

 Tools has many of the same choices as previous editions, but is located in two places with similar drop down menus.

Favorites works in the same way, however the gold star on toolbar is a shortcut as the favorites center menu, and the double stars are the same as add to favorites function.


Shortcuts (key combinations as well as tab shortcuts) in a pdf file, viewable and printable by using Adobe Acrobat Reader