The Department of Security and Campus Safety is 24 hour, 365-day service oriented department with the mission of providing a safe and secure environment for all those on our campus, and leading by example, through education, and enforcement.

Our team of full-time Security Staff patrol the campus on foot, bicycles, and in vehicles. Our Specialists are in continual communication with our Communications Center, which is staffed by Communications Specialists 24 hours a day. These Specialists answer emergency and routine phone calls, monitor security cameras and several access control points on campus. The Department of Security and Campus Safety is located at 245 College Street.

Bates College Security Specialists respond to calls for service dispatched by the Communications Center investigates reported incidents and policy violations and work closely with the Lewiston Police and Fire Departments, investigating crimes and incidents on campus. For students residing off campus, Security participates in the Bates Neighborhood Alliance.

In addition to campus patrols, our department has many safety programs in place, including a student safety shuttle/walk program operated 7 nights a week from 7pm to 3am, a campus wide notification system for all students, faculty and staff, whistle alert program, Rape Aggression Defensive (RAD) Training, and over 140 security (blue light) phones located throughout the campus.

The Department of Security and Campus Safety also over sees all parking on campus, bicycle registrations, student ID’s, and access control (key or card access) to the campus.

If you are a Bates student locked out of your room and need access, please call the Security Office at 207-786-6254. 

If you are a Bates College student and are named in a Security report and would like a copy of report, please contact the Office of Student Support and Community Standards in Lane Hall 103, by phone at 207-786-6220 or by email to fhauger@bates.edu.  Please be aware that a meeting may be required before this information is released.

We welcome you to our Bates family, and please feel free to visit us in person. Inquiries may be sent via email to the Director of Security and Campus Safety, Douglass Morency, at dmorency@bates.edu