Printing Tips

For fast and efficient printing, Information and Library Services advocates the use of our network printers located throughout campus; that not only print duplex to save paper and other supplies, but also handle many special printing needs as well.

Please consult the help sheets on how to add a network printer to both a windows computer and macintosh.

  1. Network printers are located on both Canton and Lincoln servers
  2. Naming of the printer is based on building and room or 1,2 (ex. CantonPgill-252-A) .
  3. Know where your print job is going,  use File, Print to select the printer vs. clicking on a printer icon
  4. Separate any color pages to print to go to a color printer, instead of the entire print job going to the color printer which is typically slower and uses more toner supplies
  5. To override a duplex setting, or any automatic tray setting, under File, Page Setup of the individual document, change the settings for duplexing or tray selection as desired
  6. Changing the settings on the printer itself can also override the automatic settings
  7. Pick up your print job promptly
  8. Please do not send the print job to more than one printer, instead:
  9. Cancel the print job  yourself by double clicking on the printer and clicking to highlight the print job, under Document, select cancel

Let’s all try and do our part for responsible printing, for the good of the environment and efficiency at Bates.