Requirements for Network Access: Windows and Macintosh

ase be sure your computer meets the following requirements.A. Operating Systems, tested and supported by ILS:

  1. Windows XP  – including SP3
  2. Windows VISTA  – including SP1, or Windows 7, updates current
  3. Macintosh 10.x  (update to 10.5.x before arriving on campus is recommended)

Network Card:

A functioning ethernet network card, (necessary for all connections in dorm rooms and other SNAP jacks campus-wide) A functioning wireless network card (necessary to access wireless services where available)

**Network cards may be purchased and installed at Computer Sales and Service located at 110 Russell St. Call x6376 for details

B. Bates Username and Password:

  1. You need a current Bates Username and Password to connect to the Bates Network

C. Supported Web Browsers:

  1. Firefox: 3.x
  2. Internet Explorer: 6.x , 7
  3. Safari – Mac only

D. Anti-Virus Program Installed, Updated and Turned On:

You must have Sophos Anti-Virus program (or one of the other accepted brands)   installed on your machine. ILS provides Sophos Anti-Virus free of charge to all Bates users. Please consult the following helpsheets for installing and configuring Sophos Windows/Mac.

E. Windows Update (Windows only):

You must install all current critical updates available for Windows.

We’ve prepared a Helpsheet to guide you through process of Updating Windows XP.

Your Windows Automatic Updates needs to be turned ON. We’ve prepared a Helpsheet to guide you through the process of Turning On Automatic Updates.

F. Connecting to the Bates Network:

During the Registration Process, you may be prompted to run Updates again until completed. Temporary access is given to connect to the various anti-virus and Microsoft Windows Updates web sites to accomplish the updates to achieve full network access.