Terminal Settings: Remote Access for Macintosh (SSH):

Terminal is a client program for remote access to other computers or servers using Secure Shell (SSH).

A. Run Terminal:

  1. Click on Applications
  2. Select Utilities
  3. Double click Terminal

There may also be a shortcut in the Dock.

B. Connect to the server:

  1. at the prompt: type
    ssh abacus.bates.edu
  2. type your Bates password when prompted

If you are at a computer other than your own, you may need to type:
ssh username@bates.edu
so that you may login under your own username.

For example, hpotter would type:
ssh hpotter@bates.edu

C. Disconnect from the server:

  1. When you are finished: type logout

D. Close the application:

  1. Select: Terminal menu
  2. Click: Quit Terminal