Cyberduck SFTP: Install and Configure

This application is for uploading and obtaining files via secure file tranfer protocol for Macintosh computers.

A. Installation:

  1. Download Cyberduck from the website
  2. Install Cyberduck by dragging it into your Applications folder.

B. Configuring Cyberduck:

  1. Open Cybeduck from the Applications folder
  2. Click the Open Connection button in the upper left corner.
  3. Select SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) from the drop down menu.
  4. Server:
  5. Username: <your Bates username>
  6. Password: <your Bates network password>
  7. Click Connect
  8. A message may appear the first time you connect saying “Unknown host key for”. Check the Always check box and click Allow.

C. Tips:

  • This shows you your Paris folders and files. To work with the files, drag and drop them to your desktop. Once you are done editing the files on your local computer, be sure to drag the file back into the Cyberduck window to upload the changed document.