Embed Video in a Power Point Presentation

First, make sure all the ingredients for your presentation are completed. This means your written slides are finished (minus the video), and you’ve already edited your clips using Quicktime or Final Cut Pro (or another editing software of your choice).

Part 1: Converting Your Video

To ensure maximum compatibility with PCs, your videos should be converted to WMV (Windows Media Videos). If you’re absolutely, positively sure you won’t be showing your Power Point on a Windows/PC, you can skip this step.

  1. Otherwise, right click (or CTRL+click) on your video, choose Open With > MPEG Streamclip
  2. Your video will open in MPEG Streamclip. Go to File>Export to Other Formats
  3. This will open a window with way, way too many options. At the top of this complex window it saysFormat: (drop down menu)
  4. Click the Format drop down menu and select Windows Media.
  5. Then click the OK button at the bottom of the window.
  6. Save the file to the desktop.

MPEG Streamclip will then begin working its magic of converting your file to WMV.

You’ll know the conversion is finished because the status bar will gone.

Good news: that was the hardest part.

Part 2: Consolidating Your Files

For those of you just joining us, here’s where we’re at: Our videos have all been converted and are ready to be added to our Power Point.

First, create a folder on the desktop (on a Mac, with Finder (the smiley face on far left corner) selected, right click on the desktop and select New Folder.)

Secondly, name this folder something that is easy to remember (like, say, the name of your presentation).

This folder will need to house ALL of the elements that are going into your PowerPoint.

  1. Drag your PowerPoint presentation into this folder (don’t insert your video just yet).
  2. Drag ALL of your videoclips into this folder as well. If you saved them all to the desktop, this will be a cinch. Just drag and drop them in the new folder.
  3. Now that all the elements are living together in the same folder, let’s add the .WMV video clips into your Powerpoint Presentation.

Part 3: Embedding the Video(s) in Your PowerPoint

  1. Open your new folder and then open up the PowerPoint presentation contained within.
  2. Now, choose the slide to which you’re going to add video.
  3. From the PowerPoint menu bar
  4. Choose Insert>Movie
  5. Voila! The movie is now inside of powerpoint!

Does it look terrible when you play it?

Try this: Inside of PowerPoint, click on a corner of the inserted movie and resize the videos viewing pane. The bigger the picture, the worse it will look and (we’ve found) the sound may not match. So make it a bit smaller.

  • Remember, it is likely you’ll be showing this presentation on a much larger screen than the one you’re working on, so making your video a little bit smaller won’t greatly effect your presentation’s impact on the audience.

Save and quit. You are so close to being finished.

Part 4: Getting it from Here to There

Insert a memory stick (recommended) or a blank CD into the computer.

Drag your folder (with all the ingredients) to the CD or memory stick.

Burn CD or eject the memory stick.