Benefits of the Bradford Client Registration Process

With the Bradford Campus Manager software to connect to the network we can allow Macintosh Snow Leopard full access to network resources, including network printing, and storage server access. All operating systems should have easier access for all users, including mobile devices (iOS & Android). Gaming consoles and microcells can be registered, although ILS can not guarantee results. The updating process is more flexible. Linux users should consult the following instructions for details on installation:  (Linux at bottom of page).

A. E-mail Access:

  1. Every student at Bates receives an academic e-mail address: (first letter of first name, up to seven characters of last name – unless username has been in system before, then a number is added, i.e. astudent or asmith8)
  2. We support Bates Gmail and Thunderbird for e-mail at Bates.
  3. A full list of supported E-mail choices are also on our web site
  4. The use of Microsoft Outlook is strongly discouraged because it is consistently targeted for viruses.

B. File Storage:

  1. Each student has access to network storage space for personal files via the Paris gateway.
  2. Paris is backed up nightly and can be accessed from any networked computer on campus (SFTP from off campus). For more information:
    Paris: Network File Storage Advantages and Tips

C. Library Catalogs:

  1. Access the Ladd Library catalog and other electronic research databases through the Library web page from your dorm room.
  2. Library homepage:

D. Web Browsing:

  1. Surf the web using Google Chrome or Firefox with a high speed internet connection.
  2. If you do not have a browser, ask your JA or RC for help, or contact the Help Desk at x8222 for assistance.

E. Join the Workgroup:

  1. To join the BCIS workgroup and get access to network printing and network file storage (PARIS)
  2. Configure Workgroups for Windows XP

F. Anti-Virus Software:

  1. Computers registered on the Bates network are required to have virus protection. Bates College supports, distributes and provides Sophos Anti-Virus to students.  Other brands are also accepted more easily now.
  2. Install Sophos Anti-Virus (Win)
  3. Install Sophos Anti-Virus (Mac)