Free Software

Bates provides access to well over a hundred different software applications in support of teaching, learning, research, and the administration of the college. While our licenses for most applications are limited to use on Bates-owned machines, a few licenses allow installation on personal machines for faculty, staff, and students.

Below is information on how to install these select titles on your personal machine.  If asked to provide an email, please use your Bates address.

title how to install
ChemBioOffice click here to begin installation 
Endnote click here to begin installation 
Mnova click here to begin installation
Office click here to begin installation
Prism click here to begin installation
ReadAloud click here to begin installation for Macs | click here to begin installation for Windows 
Sophos Download Sophos Home for Free

A few caveats:

  • Any licensed application not listed is limited to use on Bates-owned machines.  
  • Access from off-campus on Bates-owned machines requires the Bates VPN software – contact the Help Desk for installation.   VPN software is limited to use on Bates-owned machines for faculty and staff only. 
  • If you’d like to purchase other academic software at a discount for use on your personal machine, check out
  • Remember that most of our licenses expire on or around July 1.  While most licenses renew automatically, some require a bit of intervention.  Give the Help Desk a call should this prove to be the case.